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  • Pella Windows vs Ply Gem windows: a comparison guide

Pella Windows vs Ply Gem windows: a comparison guide

It's tough to pit Pella Windows vs Ply Gem windows. Find out why.

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When you install new windows, you have the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your home and seal out dust, dirt and moisture. Before you select a window type, compare Pella windows vs. Ply Gem windows to see which brand has products that fit your home's appearance.

Both companies produce windows in a variety of styles, colors and trims, making it easy to find a product that will work with new construction or an existing structure.

When it comes to Pella Windows vs Ply Gem windows, focus on energy efficiency. Is one better for your region?Pella Windows

Pella produces windows in:

    • Awning.
    • Casement.
    • Single-hung.
    • Double-hung.
    • Bow.
    • Bay.
    • Sliding.

The company also offers specialty windows and custom windows, so you have a variety of options.

When you compare Pella windows vs. Ply Gem windows, one of your first considerations should be the exterior colors and metal hardware finishes available. Some Pella styles are only available in brown, white or almond, but other styles are available in several colors. Available hardware finishes include bright brass, almond, white, rubbed bronze and satin nickel.

Your total windows cost will depend on which colors and finishes you select.

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Energy efficiency is another important consideration when you are comparing Pella windows vs. Ply Gem windows. Pella windows have several features that make them more energy efficient than other types of windows. They have multiple panes of glass, so they protect your home from the elements.

When your windows block cool air from entering your home, your heating costs may be lower. If your windows prevent hot air from entering your home, you may spend less money cooling your home during warm months.

Pella Windows also have special glass coatings that reflect heat. During the winter months, the coating reflects heat into your home to help you reduce your heating costs. Another benefit of Low-E glass is that it blocks UV rays, which prevents fading of curtains, upholstery, carpet and other fabrics.

Pella also insulates its windows by adding argon between the panes of glass.

Ply Gem windowsPly Gem windows

Ply Gem produces a wide variety of replacement windows and new construction windows. New construction windows are available in the following styles:

    • Garden. 
    • Casement.
    • Single-hung.
    • Double-hung.
    • Awning.
    • Jalousie.

In addition to Low-E glass, Ply Gem also uses other types of glass to improve energy efficiency and keep condensation and dust out of your home. Ply Gem high-performance glass packages combine basic Low-E glass with the Warm Edge spacer system. This insulates the glass according to your requirements.

Ply Gem also sells windows made with impact-resistant glass and glass that dampens sounds. Talk to a window installation professional if you need help selecting the right window for your project.

Pella and Ply Gem both produce windows that have an attractive appearance and the ability to improve energy efficiency in your home. When you are ready to install windows, use Reply! to find an experienced contractor to give you a windows estimate.

Your contractor can help you determine which product is best for you. Compare Pella windows vs. Ply Gem windows and discuss pricing with your contractor.

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First photo: Pella Windows. Second photo: Ply Gem.