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Pipe flashing installation explained

It's important to give roof pipe flashing installation the utmost care and attention as a mistake can result in expensive damage.

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Pipe flashing installation by jDevaun on Flickr.Installing roof flashing is necessary to protect your house as it's the last line of defense against water damage. Pipe flashing installation can be done yourself or you can hire a contractor.

The purpose of pipe flashing is to stop water from spilling into the joints between the pipe and the roof. It's important to give this task the utmost care and attention as a mistake can result in expensive damage.

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The first step of pipe flashing installation is choosing the material. The most commonly used materials are: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc and lead. Copper is quite pricy and is hard to install, but it's extremely durable.

Aluminum roofing is most commonly used because of its cheap price and durability. A good quality asphalt roof will be flexible and won't become brittle or hard during the expected life expectancy of the product.

The next step is to ensure the flashing is prepared. Typically, you'll find a precut hole based on the length of the pipe. Occasionally, it won't be precut, so you'll either have to do it yourself or request it be done for you at the time of purchase.

Now, the actual pipe flashing installation process starts:

    • Put the flashing across the pipe while ensuring it fits tightly around the pipe.
    • Next, use a hammer to nail both sides of the flashing to your roof to secure it.
    • You'll then apply a sealant onto the nails, making sure to cover the nails completely.
    • The final step is to put the rain collar across the pipe near the flashing. Be sure to secure the rain collar in its proper position over the flashing, which further protects the roof and gives the flashing the longest life expectancy possible.

You should typically hire a contractor to install residential roofing since a mistake or carelessness can be costly. A roof system installed by a contractor generally comes with a roofing warranty that will protect you in the case of a leak or early damage. Remember, the length of the warranty shouldn't be the primary concern when considering what product to choose. The quality of the product is important because if it's faulty, you'll be put through the extra hassle of calling the contractor to come back and repair your roofing again.

Roofing prices can vary depending on the size of your house, so in order to get an accurate roofing cost estimate, it's best to contact a contactor and request a quote.

If you're looking to hire a contractor, Reply! can put you in contact with experienced contactors who offer reliability and a high level of service. Remember, roofing is a very important part of your house as it's your main line of defense against damage from the elements. If you don't feel comfortable doing the pipe flashing installation, it's recommended to hire a licensed contractor to do it for you.

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Photo credit: jDevaun via Compfight CC.