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  • Ply Gem vs Simonton windows: a comparison guide

Ply Gem vs Simonton windows: a comparison guide

Your guide to Ply Gem vs Simonton windows, including a look at prices.

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If you're looking for new windows for your home, two brands to look at are Ply Gem vs. Simonton windows. It's smart to contact a contractor who can help you choose which product and design will go best with your home and provide you with a windows estimate on products.

Depending on the type of window you need, either Ply Gem vs Simonton windows could be pricier. Seen here are Ply Gem windows.Ply Gem windows

Ply Gem has been in business for over 70 years. The company is known for its innovative products and quality materials.

When you look at windows costs, you'll need to factor in the money you'll save on energy costs. In some cases, you may be able to receive a tax credit when you update your old windows to increase your home's efficiency.

All of Ply Gem's windows offer maximum protection from corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Choose from vinyl single hung, casement and architectural-shaped windows.

Ply Gem also has a special noise-reduction feature that helps filter out noise from honking horns, barking dogs and planes.

When you decide to install windows by Ply Gem, the average cost for the Premium series is between $300 and $450. The windows price may vary depending on the cost of labor in your area and the size of the window you need installed.

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Simonton windowsSimonton windows

Simonton was established in 1946 in Pennsboro, W. Va. The company offers high-quality vinyl windows and doors and excellent customer service.

When comparing Ply Gem vs. Simonton windows, Simonton has received numerous industry awards. Like Ply Gem, Simonton offers a mid-grade window with a solid reputation.

Window prices range from $400 per window in the Reflections 5050 collection to $550 per window in the Impressions 9800 collection. The main difference between these Simonton products is the metal lift handles, and the 9800 series offers a much better warranty than the 5050 collection.

It may be hard to choose which window to purchase when you compare Ply Gem windows with Simonton windows. The choice is usually dependant on personal preferences as well as cosmetics and construction.

Both brands offer a variety of finishes to choose from, and you can have the windows made to fit nearly any space in your home. You can customize your windows by choosing different grid patterns and different interior and exterior finishes.

When replacing windows, you may want to consider purchasing matching doors to complete the look of your home. Doors can also be custom made to fit your home, and they can be installed at the same time as your new windows.

When comparing Ply Gem vs. Simonton windows, you have a wide variety of styles to consider. Whether you're looking to upgrade or install windows or doors in a new construction, both companies offer excellent customer service. Reply! can help you locate quality contractors near you who can answer any questions you may have.

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