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  • Ply Gem windows vs Atrium windows: a comparison guide

Ply Gem windows vs Atrium windows: a comparison guide

When it comes to Ply Gem windows vs Atrium windows, which will you choose?

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Installing new windows can be a major investment, so you want to be sure to look at your options before deciding on which new windows to purchase. Two brands to consider are Ply Gem windows vs. Atrium windows.

Window prices vary depending on the type of window you want to purchase, and the cost of installation in your area. An experienced contractor can provide you with a windows estimate and install the windows once you make a decision on what you want.

Ply Gem windows vs Atrium windows is a challenging comparison. Which will you go with? Seen here is the Ply Gem Premium Series.Ply Gem

Ply Gem has been a leading manufacturer of windows and doors for over 50 years. The company is well known for innovative products, including top-of-the-line siding and accessories, stone veneer, shutters and other accents that make a house a home.

When comparing Ply Gem windows vs. Atrium windows, all of Ply Gem's windows and doors either meet or exceed the Energy Star guidelines for thermal efficiency. According to Ply Gem, the company consistently uses research and development to work towards producing the most energy-efficient products on the market.

Each window made by Ply Gem has a special noise-reduction feature, and the exterior material is protected against corrosion, which will keep it looking great for many years.

The average cost of a Ply Gem double-hung window is between $300 and $450.

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Atrium vinyl windowsAtrium Windows

Founded in 1948, Atrium Windows and Doors is one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors in the United States. When comparing Ply Gem vs. Atrium windows, the products are very similar in construction.

The average windows cost of an Atrium double-hung window is between $250 and $600, which makes Atrium slightly more expensive than Ply Gem.

Like Ply Gem, Atrium Windows offer anti-corrosive hardware and smooth moving parts. You can have your windows made-to-order for specialty sizes and choose from several different glass options, including argon-gas filled and low-E glass.

Materials and tax incentives

Choosing the best windows for your home can be tricky. Atrium makes its windows from vinyl, but Ply Gem offers several different materials, including aluminum, vinyl clad, wood and wood composite.

Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors and does not have to be painted. Wood can be painted or stained, but must be repainted every eight to 10 years.

When you install new windows in your home, choose those that are Energy Star qualified so you can receive a tax credit. The tax credit amount is 10 percent of the cost of the windows up to $200.

The choice between Ply Gem windows vs. Atrium windows depends largely on personal preference, although each brand has specific features that may be more suitable for your home. Reply! can help you locate a contractor near you who can help you with any questions you may have.

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First photo: Ply Gem Premium Series. Second photo: Atrium vinyl windows.