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Rheem heat pump prices, pros and cons

Rheem heat pumps are reliable and energy efficient. Find out your options now.

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Rheem heat pump, Prestige Series: single and 2-stageThe Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded during the 1920s when Donald and Richard Rheem bought a galvanizing factory in San Francisco. The company started making a Rheem heat pump in the 1930s.

Other heating and cooling products such as air conditioners, oil furnaces and space heaters were added to Rheem's product lines during the 1940s and 1950s.

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Rheem acquired Ruud in 1959, which significantly increased Rheem's distribution capability. Rheem also acquired Raypak in 1985, which manufactures copper boilers.

The company currently produces several lines of Rheem heat pumps in a range of prices. Most of these heat pumps have a conditional warranty of five years.

Rheem's Value Series

The Value series of high-efficiency heat pumps include the 13PJL, 13PJP, 14PJM and 15PJL models. These units offer dependable heating for single families, multiple families and light commercial use.

The Value series is the result of a continuing effort to improve the efficiency of heat pumps. These Rheem heat pumps can have seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEERs) up to 15.

They also use the most advanced refrigerants currently available, which don't contain chlorofluorocarbons. It's environmentally beneficial to install these HVAC products as CFCs can deplete the Earth's ozone layer.

Rheem's Prestige Series

The Prestige series includes the RPRL-JEZ model, which is a two-stage Rheem heat pump. This model provides heating and cooling capability throughout the year when combined with the RHPL air conditioner.

This air handler is specifically designed for the RPRL-JEC heat pump. The installation estimate should also account for the auxiliary heating elements that are optional with this unit.

The combination has two stages of cooling and three stages of heating that provide high efficiency and precise temperature control. 

The heat pump-air conditioner combination can deliver a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) of 9.5 while heating and a SEER of 17 while cooling.

The Prestige series is suitable for residential and light commercial applications. 

The RPRL-JEC heat pump has a warranty of 10 years that replaces the unit under certain conditions. The RHPL air handler has a limited 10-year warranty.

Rheem's Classic Series

The Classic series of heat pumps includes the RPNL-JAZ/RPQL-JAZ condensing unit. This outdoor AC unit provides home cooling capability throughout the year and is built with performance and reliability in mind.

You may hire a contractor to install the RPNL-JAZ/RPQL-JAZ in multifamily residences and small businesses. This efficient system has a SEER of up to 15.5 and uses refrigerants without CFCs.

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