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Rheem vs Armstrong AC prices, pros and cons

By comparing Rheem vs. Armstrong AC units, you can save the time required to look at dozens of other brands, which offer the same levels of performance and pricing.

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A direct comparison between air conditioner (AC) brands can provide you with a great deal of information valuable toward selecting an AC unit to add to your own home. By directly comparing Rheem vs. Armstrong AC units, you can save the time required to look at dozens of other brands, which often offer the same levels of performance at compatible prices.

With just the two brands, your choices are narrowed down to a dozen or so units, making the ultimate decision to purchase easier and quicker.

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Rheem air conditioners

Rheem vs Armstrong ACsRheem makes it fairly easy to compare its brand against others by limiting the number of air conditioners it offers.

The Rheem line offers a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of over 13. The SEER ranking is a number that denotes the ratio between energy used and cooling produced. A higher SEER rating shows the AC unit is more efficient than lower numbered models.

The Rheem models range from 16 SEER to 19.5.

In addition to saving you money on your energy bills, Rheem has several other variables that should be considered when purchasing, such as:

    • Rheem models can be purchased in a number of tonnage sizes, generally from two to five, to provide cooling that matches your home size effectively.
    • The outdoor units are protected from the elements in a steel cabinet.
    • The two highest model types, the Classic and Prestige Series, are protected from the worst effects of refrigerant pressure by a high- and low-pressure switch to avoid damage.
    • Several of the units are two-stage, allowing them to use only part of the total cooling capacity of the unit to make small temperature changes to save energy.
    • Models come with a 10-year limited warranty on parts.
    • As a negative, Rheem ACs are highly priced in comparison with other brands.
    • The single-stage models waste energy by operating at full capacity to make small changes in temperature.

Armstrong air conditioners

Armstrong ACWhen looking at the Armstrong offerings in the comparison of Rheem vs. Armstrong AC units, you'll find little difference between the various units themselves. Armstrong units include:

    • SEER units with 13 to 14 ratings, as well as single-stage compressors and 16 and 18 SEER two-stage units for greater savings.
    • A high-pressure switch that shuts down the system completely when the refrigerant pressure gets too high. This keeps the refrigerant from causing damage to the compressor.
    • A low-pressure switch to keep the unit from drawing in excess moisture and air contaminants when refrigerant pressure is too low.
    • A 10-year limited warranty for parts.
    • As with the Rheem ACs, the single-stage models actually waste energy when making small incremental changes in temperature when compared to two-stage versions.


Due to the many similarities noted while comparing Rheem vs. Armstrong brands, the final decision as to model choice might come down to price.

Rheem air conditioner prices begin at about $1,400 for a 3-ton, 17 SEER model from its Value Series. From there, prices will rise as high as about $2,100 for a 3-ton, 19.5 SEER Prestige Series unit.

Armstrong models run less. The entry unit from the Armstrong line may cost you around $898. While the top of the line model sized at 5 tons cost around $3,000. These prices are highly flexible though, with your location in the country determining regional prices for the units as well as the cost of labor.

To get a better sense of the total cost for installing any of the available models from either brand, request estimates from local contractors. Once you have a few estimates on comparable models from the Rheem vs. Armstrong AC model lists, you can choose the one you want to install and hire a contractor to install the air conditioner.

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