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Rheem vs Comfortmaker AC prices, pros and cons

Given the many different types of air conditioners available, you may find it difficult to find the right system for your needs. Compare Rheem vs. Comfortmaker ACs now.

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Given the many different types of air conditioners available on the market, you may find it difficult to find the right system for your needs. Narrowing your options by comparing Rheem vs. Comfortmaker AC units can make the process easier and faster.

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Rheem air conditioners

Rheem vs Comfortmaker ACsRheem is a well-known brand in the HVAC industry. Rheem has six different series options for you to choose from. Rheem offers two different Value series choices. One series is a single stage, and the other is a two stage.

You can also choose from the Prestige Series and the Classic Series. The Prestige Series has two different two-stage options. The two-stage serial communicating Prestige Series is the top-tier product from Rheem.

In comparing Rheem vs. Comfortmaker AC products, be aware that you can choose from a variety of Rheem models with different seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings.


    • Steel cabinet.
    • High and low pressure controls.
    • Copeland scroll compressors.
    • Product options ranging from 13.5 to 19.5 SEER.
    • Onboard diagnostics.
    • A 10-year limited replacement coverage if compressor fails.


    • Prices may be prohibitive for some consumers on select models.

Comfortmaker air conditioners

Comfortmaker ACComfortmaker has developed a strong reputation for manufacturing quality HVAC products, including heat pumps. In addition, this company produces a number of different AC unit choices.

Air conditioner choices from Comfortmaker range from units with a 13 SEER rating to units with a 19 SEER rating. Depending upon your needs and price point, you can choose from entry-level models or two-stage compressor models that offer greater energy efficiency.

As you compare Rheem vs. Comfortmaker AC units, you will find that Comfortmaker has also become known for offering advanced technology that allows its AC units to operate with superb noise suppression.


    • A 10-year replacement warranty.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Steel cabinet.
    • Product options ranging from 13.5 to 19 SEER.


    • No units with a SEER rating higher than 19.


Comparing air conditioner prices is a crucial part of the decision process.

Prices for Rheem air conditioner units range between about $1,400 and $7,000. This does represent a large pricing gap. Yet keep in mind that Rheem offers a variety of units with different types and sizes.

By comparison, Comfortmaker prices range from about $1,800 to $2,300.

Your decision to install air conditioner units in your home is one that requires careful research. Obtaining more than one estimate can be a good way to ensure you find the best prices. You can get free quotes from local contractors now by filling out a quick, 20-second form. Taking the time to perform this type of research when you are ready to buy an air conditioner and hire a contractor can go a long way toward preventing buyer's remorse.

Your contractor can help you further evaluate Rheem vs. Comfortmaker ACs so that you choose the best unit based on features and price.

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