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Ruud air conditioner prices: pros, cons and quotes

Your guide to Ruud air conditioner prices and considerations.

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Ruud air conditioner pricesWhile Ruud has been around for over 100 years, its production and sale of heating and air conditioning units only began in the 1950s. The company has become one of the largest manufactures of HVAC units in North America, from the basic Ruud air conditioner to advanced solar water heaters.

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There is a variety of Ruud air conditioner prices available on the market to fit homeowner needs. Of the units available, most can be defined by the condenser type, with both single-stage and two-stage units available.

The single stage units operate in a traditional manner, providing 100 percent of their home cooling capacities when the temperature in your home drops below the set thermostat level.

The two-stage units, however, operate at both a full-capacity level when the desired temperature change is a large one and a reduced capacity when it's simply a matter of cooling a room a few degrees at a time. By allowing the AC to operate in multiple stages, the two-stage unit tends to be more energy efficient, saving the homeowner money as it operates.

Ruud air conditioner prices range from roughly $800 to $2,500, and are dependent on sizing and features.

Before you make a choice to install an air conditioner, you should have an air conditioner contractor inspect your home to determine the unit size that your house requires. The contractor will come out to your home and perform a load calculation, providing you with an air conditioner estimate that takes into account the regional climate, the size and shape of your home, and even the materials that your home is constructed of.

Once the load calculation is complete, the contractor will be able to tell you how large a unit in British Thermal Units (BTUs) you need to provide adequate cooling for your home. Generally speaking, a home requires about 25 BTUs for each cubic foot being cooled.

If a load calculation is not done, the homeowner may end up purchasing a Ruud air conditioner that's too large or too small for the home. This could result in either a unit that's constantly turning on and off when cooling an area that's too small, or going constantly but failing to cool an area that's too large.

In addition to selecting the BTU capacity of the Ruud air conditioner, a homeowner should be aware of the unit's SEER rating. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the ratio of the number of BTUs a unit has to the amount of energy that unit uses. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient a unit is at cooling a home.

Ruud air conditioners tend to have high SEER ratios, starting at 16 for the Value series and raising as high as 19.5 for the Ultra series. The SEER can have an effect on price, though, with higher SEER ratings leading to higher air conditioner prices.

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Installing a Ruud air conditioner can provide you with years of home cooling from a stable unit with an extensive warranty. All that's needed is to contact a contractor and inquire about Ruud air conditioner prices. After that, it's just a matter of time before you're enjoying a cooler home.

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