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Siemens electrical panels: pros, cons and costs

Siemens electrical panels come in different versions. There's one for every type of home.

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Siemens electrical panelsYou take it for granted that you can watch television, turn on the lights, and use your favorite appliances with a flip of a switch. But you wouldn't have the power without an electrical panel.

Siemens electrical panels come in different versions because the company knows that all homes are not the same. Before you begin working on your home, decide which panel is the right choice.

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An electrical panel is a device that sits inside or outside your home. It automatically turns off the power to keep the electricity from overloading the circuit or overheating.

A circuit breaker is different from a fuse box. With a fuse box, you need to replace blown fuses, while with a circuit breaker, you can restore power by flipping a switch.

Siemens electrical panels come in four types:

    • Unassembled.
    • Fusible.
    • Power.
    • Lighting.

A lighting panelboard reduces the number of products and tools you need. It easily connects to the electrical wiring of your home. With this type of panel from Siemens, you can convert your main breaker or use the device with a lug kit.

Power panels are specifically designed to power all the electrical outlets in your home. It can provide as little as 20 amps of electrical power and up to 1,200 amps to provide electricity to rooms like your kitchen or laundry room where you use more power.

You might decide to use a fusible panel. Fusible panels work with fused electrical systems. The panel works like a fuse box. It has a safety feature that reduces electric shock. If you try to replace a fuse that still works, the panel will stop you from pulling out the fuse.

Unassembled panels are a good choice for those experienced with electrical work. You can pick and choose the products you want for your home to create your own panel upgrade.

While many of these products are easy to install, consult with a contractor or electrician before beginning work. Not only can you get an electrical estimate, but you can also make sure you choose the right products.

An electrical panel is something that every home needs, but you might go months without thinking about the one in your home. When you do notice a problem, use Reply! to locate contractors and electricians who can replace your panel, repair your fuse box, or do any other electrical work that you need done. While your contractor can find an electrical panel for your home, you can research Siemens electrical panels to decide if you prefer products from this company.

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