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Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows: a comparison guide

In this Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows review, we highlight their collections and the energy efficiency of each brand.

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Whether you need to install replacement windows in an existing home or find suitable windows for a new construction project, Simonton and JELD-WEN offer a variety of options. Before you order windows for your home, compare Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows.

Both companies produce energy-efficient windows at several price points, giving you the ability to choose attractive windows without exceeding your project budget. Taking the time to research your options will help ensure you make the right choice.

Energy efficiency stands out in a Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows comparison. Seen here is Simonton windows.Simonton windows

Simonton focuses on producing high-quality vinyl windows. These windows are available in the following collections:

    • Reflections.
    • Impressions.
    • ProFinish Brickmould.
    • Prism.
    • Madeira.
    • VantagePointe.
    • Asure.
    • Stormbreaker Plus.
    • ProFinish.
    • DaylightMax.
    • Verona.
    • Lumera.

Simonton uses several techniques to ensure it produces energy-efficient windows, which is something to consider when you are comparing Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows. The vinyl used in the manufacturing process is an excellent insulator, so the material helps keep hot and cold air out of your home. This can help you reduce your heating costs during cold months and lower your cooling costs during warm months.

The company also uses several types of glass that improve energy efficiency. Low-E glass has a metallic oxide coating that prevents heat transfer. Simonton windows are also available with ProSolar Shade, a technology that blocks ultraviolet rays. This keeps your home cool and prevents fading of carpets and fabrics.

Another energy-efficient option is argon glass, which features argon gas between panes. The argon provides additional insulation for your home. Simonton featuress laminated glass that dampens outside noises and makes it harder for intruders to break in.

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JELD-WEN prairie delightJELD-WEN windows

JELD-WEN produces vinyl, aluminum and wood windows in several collections. These collections include:

    • Premium Atlantic Aluminum.
    • Builders Florida Aluminum.
    • Premium Atlantic Vinyl.
    • Builders Aluminum.
    • Premium Aluminum.
    • Builders Vinyl.
    • Premium Vinyl.
    • W-2500 Wood.
    • Custom Wood.
    • Tradition Plus Wood.
    • Siteline EX Wood.

Products in the Premium Vinyl collection are available in up to nine exterior colors and have beautiful interior finishes, such as dark oak, light oak or cherry. These windows have several options designed to improve energy efficiency and limit the amount of maintenance needed to keep them looking their best.

Windows in the Premium Aluminum collection have multiple glass and design options. These windows are designed to be energy efficient and durable, so they are especially useful for projects in the Southwest. These windows are available in colors such as French vanilla, desert sand, Mesa red, bronze and Hartford green.

You also have several grille and frame options, making it possible to customize these windows according to your tastes.

If budget is your main concern, these products are available at a reasonable windows price, so you can comfortably accommodate them within your project budget. Compare Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows to see which products fall within your estimated budget.

Installing new windows can increase the value of your home, reduce your energy costs, and make your home look more attractive. When you are ready to make a change, use the Reply! to find a contractor who can give you a windows estimate. Before looking for a contractor, compare Simonton vs JELD-WEN windows so you can estimate your total windows cost before you start your project.

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