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Asphalt roofing colors and styles (slideshow)

Make your home as unique as you with a new asphalt roof. You're not limited to traditional styles and colors. Find your roofing contractor now.

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Asphalt or composition shingles remain one of the most popular roofing materials. Why? Well, the No. 1 reason is cost. They are an inexpensive option compared to other materials, since they're cheap to produce.

The second reason is the value or return on investment (ROI) of an asphalt roof.

Immediate and long-term value of an asphalt roof

Remodeling magazine found a new asphalt roof costs approximately $34,495, with a return value of $21,731. That's an ROI of 63 percent, according to their "2014 Cost vs. Value Report."

For their analysis, Remodeling magazine included the removal of the old roof and the addition of a 5-square hip roof with customizations. A "roof square" is a term you need to know. A single roof square is 100 square feet, or 10 feet x 10 feet.

A professional roofing contractor can determine the exact square footage of your roof. The contractor will also factor in any special features of your roof, which may affect your costs.

Roof facts to consider

Ask your contractor to include in the estimate both the cost of a roof recover and a roof tear off. The former is when the new roof is placed on top of the old. The latter is when the contractor tears off the old before adding the new.

An asphalt roof tends to last about 20 years, dependent on your regional weather conditions. That's not as long as say a metal roof, which will last your lifetime, but is still decent. Be sure to talk to your contractor about the roof's warranty. The warranty may be a deal breaker for you.

Outer style, inner pride

The range of colors and design are part of the beauty of an asphalt roof. Long gone are the days of three color palettes or a single shape. You can even find shingles made to look like tile or slate.

Consider your options based on what your contractor can acquire for you, and what's within your budget. Think ahead too to what roof color will pair well with future exterior paint jobs.


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