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Smart vs. programmable thermostat: an overview

What's the difference between a smart vs. programmable thermostat? Find out.

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Hello? It's time for the smart vs. programmable thermostat debate. Which one is for you? Photo by vasta on Flickr.You shouldn't wait for your old thermostat to start dying before you replace it. The newest models can reduce your energy bills and save you time. Comparing a smart vs. programmable thermostat is a little difficult, especially since some companies use the terms interchangeably. With a little research, you can easily determine the differences between these models.

A thermostat is a small device that connects to your heating system and cooling system, if you have central air. The device lets you turn the hot or cold air on and off throughout the day depending on the temperature in your home.

As all thermostats do the same thing, you might ask, "What's the difference between a smart thermostat and a programmable thermostat?" The simple answer is that a smart thermostat gives you more control and does more than a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat has settings that you can use throughout the day. You might find some companies referring to this type of thermostat as a digital thermostat because it often has a digital screen on the front that gives you a clear view of the temperature and other information relating to your home.

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When you opt for a thermostat replacement of this type, you can input a schedule that the device follows even when you aren't home. The thermostat will automatically turn on the AC or increase the heat based on the temperatures that you determine.

When comparing a smart vs. programmable thermostat, you might find that a smart thermostat does the same thing, helps you more when it comes to saving energy, and gives you more constant control over your settings.

No matter which one you choose to replace thermostat products in your home, you need to work with a contractor and look at the warranty on the product. Thermostat installation is expensive because it needs to work effectively with the HVAC system, but you'll find that different thermostat brands charge different prices. Ask a contractor for an air conditioner estimate and thermostat costs before choosing a new thermostat.

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A smart thermostat is more expensive than others that you might look at, but this thermostat will actually learn from your behavior. It works like an ordinary thermostat, but it reduces the amount of home energy that you use.

When looking at a smart vs. programmable thermostat comparison, you'll learn that a smart device offers temperature control when you're on vacation or at work. This type of thermostat installation meets your home cooling needs even when you aren't there.

Find out more about the different types of home thermostats and HVAC devices at Reply! That information makes creating a smart vs. programmable thermostat comparison as easy as looking at different products and picking one that offers the best features fdor you.

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