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You can upgrade your home for less with these home remodeling ideas. Enjoy the benefits of investing in your home even on a thin budget today.

5 trends from KBIS 2014

Las Vegas hosted the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, with thousands of kitchen, bath and home improvement industry names showing off their newest and best to visitors.

Best of KBIS 2014 winners

Smart, innovative home technologies led the way for the 2014 "Best of" categories at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

Remodel basement designs: options and costs

A discussion of the options you have to remodel and finish your basement and how much it will cost

DIY saunas: points to consider

DIY saunas are not all glory and pride. If you have little to know carpentry skills, then you’ll need a professional.

Outdoor saunas: an overview of options

A brief overview of the history of outdoor saunas and different types.

Saunas for the home: indoor or outdoor

Saunas are hot! Want one? Then consider location, water and electrical supplies, and space.

Indoor saunas: an overview of options

Keep in mind types, sizing, seating, construction and safety when considering an indoor sauna.

Add a bathroom to your home

A guide to planning and installing an additional bathroom in your existing home.