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DIY saunas are not all glory and pride. If you have little to know carpentry skills, then you’ll need a professional.

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A brief overview of the history of outdoor saunas and different types.

Saunas for the home: indoor or outdoor

Saunas are hot! Want one? Then consider location, water and electrical supplies, and space.

Indoor saunas: an overview of options

Keep in mind types, sizing, seating, construction and safety when considering an indoor sauna.

DIY spas: points to consider

With DIY spas, it all boils down to placement, preparation and installation.

Outdoor spas: an overview of options

Outdoor spas — hot tubs, Jacuzzis or soaking tubs — reduce the anxiety in your life and help your circulation. Learn about your different options.

Indoor spas: an overview of options

Indoor spas are the ultimate way to spoil yourself. Learn about different indoor spa features and questions to ask yourself prior to installation.

A spa for your home: indoor or outdoor?

A quick review of the disadvantages of an indoor or outdoor spa.