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Tappan heat pump prices, pros and cons

Tappan heat pumps are an excellent alternative to HVAC systems for those who live in a moderate climate.

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Tappan heat pumpTappan heat pumps are an excellent alternative to HVAC systems for those who live in a moderate climate.

Tappan is a brand of heating and cooling system that offers units ranging from 13 to 22 seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER).

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If you're unsure which unit would work best for your home, you can hire a contractor. He can provide you with an installation estimate on a home cooling system, and install the heat pump once you've made your decision.


For those on a tight budget and in need of a new home cooling system, the Tappan Tech1 is a 13 SEER unit that meets the U.S. Department of Energy standards at an affordable price.

This Tappan heat pump comes with a 10-year parts warranty. If your compressor fails at any time within the first 10 years, Tappan will replace the entire unit.

The only issue is many heat pumps are available that offer a much higher energy-efficiency rating. While the initial cost on the Tech1 might seem less than other units, you'll pay for the difference in price over time with normal operation.


Another Tappan heat pump includes the Tech3 heat pump air conditioner. This AC unit has an SEER of 16, which makes it one of the mid-grade heat pumps. Like the Tech1, it uses non-ozone depleting refrigerant and carries the same warranty.

The Tech3 features a two-stage cooling system, which helps to keep the temperature in your home consistent and lessen the humidity on warm days.

Tappan IQ Drive

While extremely efficient, the unit still falls short of the 22 SEER Tappan IQ Drive. This heat pump air conditioning unit offers ultra-quiet operation and a mode that dehumidifies your home. It exceeds the U.S. ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements.


Heat pumps do not work well when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a colder climate, you will have to find a back-up heating method to take over during extreme cold.


A heat pump can vary in price depending on the size and type of unit you choose. The cost of a unit can start around $500. Installing ductwork can bring the total cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

If you choose to have a ductless unit, the cost plus installation can be up to $6,000.

The initial cost of a heat pump  is slightly more expensive than an air conditioner, but it doesn't take long to recover that money in energy savings every month.

If you live in a moderate climate where temperatures don't go to extremes, a Tappan heat pump might be the best choice for you heating and cooling needs. Take into consideration the extra cost for installation and configure your monthly energy bills before deciding if a heat pump is right for you. Locate a contractor now.

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