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Time Warner vs Protection 1 home security systems

A comparison of industry-leading home security providers: Time Warner vs Protection 1

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It may seem expensive to install home security alarm systems, but a quick look at Time Warner home security prices or Protection 1 home security prices reveals that safety may be more affordable than you think. Information from home security system reviews and company websites can help you make a decision about home security options.

Time Warner options and pricing
Time Warner's security package is known as IntelligentHome and starts at $33.99 per month. The service can be included in a bundled package with cable, phone or Internet. The packages actually offer more than basic home security monitoring. Some features of the IntelligentHome package include the following:Time Warner home security

  • Remote access so you can control the system from a mobile device or laptop.

  • Real-time video of your home using mobile devices.

  • Continuous monitoring of your home by a highly rated response service.

  • Battery backup to keep your home safe during power outages.

  • Broadband connection that dispels the need for a landline.

You can customize your own plan or select the standard option. All plans come with basic equipment, including the in-home touchscreen, two window sensors, signs and decals for the yard, battery backup and a motion detector.

Protection 1 Options and Pricing
Protection 1 offers five packages with various home security options, including energy and video products. According to the company's website, the most popular package is known as Digital Home Protection 1 home securitySecurity. This package includes the following:

  • Continuous security monitoring

  • Professional installation

  • Three intrusion sensors

  • Keychain remote

  • Pet-friendly motion detector

  • Extended service plan with Tech Tracker technology

  • Protection against equipment damage  

  • WiFi compatibility

  • Email and text notifications

  • Event history available online

  • Color touchscreen control

Protection 1 does not offer monthly fee schedules on their site, but requires interested homeowners to complete a contact form for a quote.

Benefits of home security
An obvious benefit associated with the choice to install home security alarm products is that you can rest safer knowing your family and property are protected. Some other benefits of either Time Warner or Protection 1 packages include the following:

  • Reduced energy costs since you can control light and thermostat options while you are out.

  • Up to a 20 percent savings on homeowner's insurance when you show proof of security monitoring.

  • Savings on deductibles in the event of fire damage or burglary, since some security companies offer deductible coverage.

Reading home security system reviews can help you decide what service provider is right for your home. You should consider costs, the location of the monitoring center, products provided, warranties and other information when making your decision.

Affordable Time Warner home security prices or Protection 1 home security prices make it easier for families to install home security alarm systems. For more information, check out home security system reviews and other service comparisons on Reply!

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