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Toddler paint colors: bedroom ideas

Growing children deserve bedrooms that capture their imaginations and make them feel comfortable.

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Toddler paint colors by juhansonin on Flickr.Growing children deserve bedrooms that capture their imaginations and make them feel comfortable. Getting a fussy child to settle down and sleep is tricky, but soothing toddler paint colors might make the job a little easier.

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Start your project of creating a sanctuary for your son or daughter by choosing color schemes as foundations for the design. You may stumble across a wall painting idea that catches your eye as you view various kid's bedroom ideas.

Toddler paint colors tend to be a little brighter and more intense than the shades generally recommended for infants in nurseries. If the current room is a softly colored room that your child is outgrowing, go with something bright that isn't too intense. Try options like:

    • Creamy pastels: pastel shades of blue or pink can be quite peaceful without being too bland or washed out. Look for interior paint products offering intensely colored pastels for toddlers' rooms that will keep them happy into their teenage years without making you feel like you are trapped inside the toy box.
    • Draw from nature: many parents decide not to invest in murals or even printed wallpaper because their child loves to color with crayons and markers on the wrong surfaces. You can still mimic the beauty of a rich green lawn or a flowing river with muted paint colors that aren't too dark.

While teenagers may be able to give a lot of input on their bedroom design, toddlers still need you to make these choices for them. Your child may want bright-red walls today and refuse to sleep in that overwhelming room in less than a week.

Basic neutrals like beige, light gray and tan are good toddler paint colors for children of both genders. This is recommended if you have two children sharing a bedroom, so the decision isn't left up to just one of them.

Interior design for children's spaces must include considerations for their favorite types of play. Kids who love to draw will appreciate a section of wall painted with chalkboard or dry-erase board paint. Both types of paint come in numerous color options to match the rest of your design.

Choosing exciting options like these will raise the project estimate, but you may find the high paint costs well worth the extra fun. You can add just a few patches of special paint to turn the walls into canvases for works of art.

Your design will require a little bit more than just the choosing of a few paint colors. However, choosing your palette gives you a foundation to build on your plans with a contractor. You can also start shopping for matching furniture and decorations while the room is being painted.

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First photo credit: juhansonin via Compfight CC.