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Trane vs Comfortmaker AC prices, pros and cons

Finding and installing your new air conditioner starts with a simple Trane vs. ComfortMaker AC comparison.

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Choosing a new heating and cooling system for your home is an easy, three-step process: deciding what you want, and find out which companies offer those products, and hire an installer. A quick and easy Trane vs. ComfortMaker AC comparison will help.

Though both companies make great air conditioners, you may find that you prefer the products from one particular company.

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Trane air conditioners

Trane vs Comfortmaker ACsComparing Trane vs. ComfortMaker AC products starts when you look at Trane products. One of the most difficult steps in choosing a new air conditioner is finding one that fits your budget and works with the size of your home.

All air conditioners have a different seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Purchase the highest SEER number you can afford. A higher SEER number can save you more money in terms of your energy bills than a lower number.

Trane products have a SEER of 13 to 20. Air conditioner prices on those units range $4,000 or less for an AC with a SEER of 13 to $8,000 for an AC unit with a SEER of 20.

ComfortMaker air conditioners

Comfortmaker ACWith ComfortMaker you can sign up for a payment plan to pay for your new AC unit. The company will break your overall payments into affordable monthly bills. You might find the interest rates charged for financing are higher than you want to pay.

ComfortMaker has a number of different options when it comes to air conditioners. Its SXT+ two-stage air conditioner has a SEER of up to 19, but it also makes products with lower SEERs.

The top-of-the-line SXT+ can cost up to $4,500, while the smaller units cost less than $3,000. 

Warranty and installation

As you compare Trane vs. ComfortMaker AC products, don't forget about the warranty on those products. Both companies offer a 10-year limited warranty on parts.

Trane lets you purchase a warranty that covers parts and labor. Trane will even let you transfer your warranty to a future owner of your home as long as the warranty is still valid.

When it comes to buying and installing an air conditioner, you should hire a contractor. While this might make your upfront costs rise, it will save you from damage to your HVAC system. Let your contractor estimate the cost of the job, and then shop that estimate around to other contractors. This will help you get the best price before you hire someone to install air conditioner products. 

Summer might just be your favorite season of the year when you have a powerful AC unit in your home. Use the resources provided by Reply! to find someone to install your new AC unit quickly and efficiently. Finding and installing your new air conditioner starts with a simple Trane vs. ComfortMaker AC comparison.

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