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Trane vs Frigidaire AC prices, pros and cons

The debate between Trane vs. Frigidaire AC units is a heated one as homeowners across the country compare prices, features and quality.

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When the weather starts warming up, having a quality air conditioner becomes vital if you wish to keep your home at a livable temperature. The debate between Trane vs. Frigidaire AC units is a heated one as homeowners across the country compare prices, features and quality to determine which manufacturer best suits their needs. 

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Trane vs Frigidaire ACs

Trane vs Frigidaire ACsThe first thing to note in the Trane vs. Frigidaire AC debate is that both companies are around the same age. Trane was founded in 1913 while Frigidaire was founded in 1918.

In spite of its age, Trane still only produces HVAC units. On the other hand, Frigidaire has expanded rapidly over the years and manufactures everything from refrigerators and ovens to air conditioners and heating units.

While both manufactures produce quality AC units, many homeowners looking for an air conditioner prefer to go with a manufacturer that focuses solely on home cooling. Generally, customer service tends to be better when a manufacturer only has one type of product.

Air conditioner prices

Air conditioner prices are often more of an issue than whether or not the manufacturer only produces one type of product. Generally speaking, Frigidaire is less expensive than Trane, at least in terms of initial cost.

Trane's prices vary depending on what deals it offers. However, as Trane focuses on producing units that are friendly towards the environment, there are eco-rebates available for many of Trane's products that will save you money in the long run.

Of course, monthly cost is another consideration. On average, Trane's air conditioners use less energy than air conditioners from Frigidaire, due in part to Trane's environmentally friendly ethics. The Trane vs. Frigidaire AC debate does not favor either manufacturer solely in terms of cost.


Frigidaire ACBefore deciding on an air conditioner, hire a contractor to see if they can get a deal for you. Some contractors work with the manufacturer to lower your overall price.

At the very least, contractors can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to purchase and install an air conditioner.

Even though installing an AC unit may seem straightforward, installing it yourself may void the warranty and can be dangerous. Both Trane and Frigidaire offer warranties that cover damage done by the contractor, but not damage done by the homeowner.

At the end of the day, the Trane vs. Frigidaire AC debate has no clear winner. The manufacturer that is right for you depends on your individual needs as a homeowner. You can find out more information on both manufacturers from reputable, licensed contractors in your local area.

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