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Trane vs Gibson AC prices, pros and cons

The Trane vs. Gibson AC debate boils down to personal preference and home cooling needs.

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Trane and Gibson are both popular manufacturers of home heating and cooling products. When considering Trane vs. Gibson AC units for purchase, it's important to weigh the pros, cons and prices of each.

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About Trane and Gibson

Trane vs Gibson ACsTrane is an established manufacturer that's been in business for more than a century. The company offers a variety of top-quality air conditioners and HVAC units.

Its air conditioner prices are competitive thanks to generous rebates.

Gibson is another popular manufacturer with prices somewhat lower than the cost of a Trane air conditioner.

Energy efficiency

An important consideration when comparing Trane vs. Gibson AC units is efficiency. Both Trane and Gibson offer Energy Star products manufactured for efficiency and low energy costs.

It's often possible to get a tax break for purchasing energy-efficient products from these manufacturers because of the reduced burden they place on the environment.

An AC unit from both Trane and Gibson can range in seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) rating from 13 to 20, making both brands more than competitive when it comes to powerful, efficient AC units.

Installation and pricing

When you're deciding between Trane vs. Gibson AC products, it's crucial to remember installation is often a more important factor than the product brand itself.

Gibson ACBoth Trane and Gibson produce units of comparable quality and efficiency. Trane is generally more expensive, but because the company offers such generous rebates, the price difference is often negligible. In addition, your final costs will depend as much on labor and maintenance fees as the product itself.

When you hire a contractor, keep in mind some charge more for installation than others. It isn't as simple to install an air conditioner as you might think. A very expensive product that's installed improperly won't work well, no matter how high in quality it might be.

Reliable contractors will offer a free, in-home estimate so you can get a feel for their character before making a purchase.


The final important consideration when choosing between Trane and Gibson products is warranty protection. Trane offers a variety of limited product protection plans ranging in length from one to 10 years.

Gibson also offers a variety of limited protection plans, including a 10-year parts replacement plan.

It's worth investing in an extended plan because even the smallest parts of a home cooling unit can wind up adding up to major long-term costs.

Both Trane and Gibson are well-known manufacturers of a variety of home cooling and heating products. Each offers similar protection plans at competitive pricing, although Trane is generally acknowledged to have slightly higher quality products than Gibson. The Trane vs. Gibson AC debate boils down to personal preference and home cooling needs.

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