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Trane vs Lennox: an air conditioner comparison guide

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Depending on where you live and who you live with, you might find that you need air conditioning in your home. A Trane vs. Lennox comparison gives you an idea of what you might pay for a new system, the type of systems offered by each company, and how well the units would work in your home. 

Trane XL20i Air ConditionerBoth Trane and Lennox offer large air-conditioning systems that are unlike a traditional air conditioner that fits in your window. These units can cool down your entire home instead of cooling a single room like a window unit does.

Trane offers 10 air-conditioning units, including the XL20i, XR16 and XR13. The smallest unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of 13, while the largest unit has a SEER of 20.

Some of the units have communicating capabilities, which let the units automatically adjust the amount of air flowing through the room based on the temperature of your home.

Trane XL20i Air Conditioner


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Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 air conditionerLennox currently has seven air conditioners available, including the XC21, 13AXC and XC17. The company sells air conditioners and home cooling devices under the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, Elite Series and Merit Series.

The XC14, 14AXC and four other air conditioners have the Energy Star seal of approval. That means that these units can reduce your cooling bills and that if you buy one, you can deduct some of that cost from your taxes.

Lennox air conditioner prices range from expensive top-of-the-line units to budget-friendly models. When you do a Trane vs. Lennox comparison, make sure you factor in the cost of the unit in addition to the cost of operating the unit.


Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 air conditioner

Before you hire a contractor to install an air conditioner in your home, check on the warranty of the unit you choose. Trane's products all come with a limited warranty as long as you register your AC within 60 days after installation. You can purchase an optional extended warranty that adds one to 10 years to your plan. And you can purchase a warranty that covers only parts, only labor or both.

The basic warranty for HVAC and air-conditioning products from Lennox covers two to 10 years, depending on the model that you purchase. Though your air conditioner estimate might be a little higher when you choose a Dave Lenox Signature Collection unit, these products have the longest warranty. You get a 10-year warranty on parts and the compressor as well as a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Be sure to factor in the warranty when you compare Trane vs. Lennox products.

An air conditioner can keep your home cool and clear. Use Reply! to compare products from different companies before you bring a contractor on board. Comparing Trane vs. Lennox products is easy when you learn more about those products and the warranties that the companies offer.

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