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Trane vs Ruud AC prices, pros and cons

It's recommended you discuss Trane vs. Ruud AC units with a licensed contractor. He'll use his expertise to help you determine the correct unit for your home.

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home accounts for about 54 percent of your utility bill.  This is why it's important to consider efficiency when comparing Trane vs. Ruud AC units in addition to air conditioner prices.

Both companies have been in business for decades and are known for making reliable, quality products. Trane has been in business since 1913, and Ruud started in 1897 making water heaters.

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Energy efficiency

Trane vs Ruud ACsOne of the most important factors when considering Trane vs. Ruud AC units is the seasonal energy-efficiency ratio, or SEER. When discussing HVAC products, the SEER rating is used to indicate how energy efficient an item is. A higher SEER rating indicates an air conditioner is more efficient than a unit with a lower rating.

The government offers federal tax credits for upgrading to a high-efficiency AC unit.

In order to see if you qualify, discuss the topic with a licensed contractor. Reply! is an excellent resource that can put you in contact with top-rated contractors capable of helping you out.

Trane air conditioners

Trane makes a variety of air conditioners. The most efficient AC it makes has a 20 SEER rating. Other units range down to a 13 SEER.

Some features unique to Trane are the dual Climatuff compressors, Spine Fin coil and DuraTuff base pan. The Spine Fin coil technology is an all-aluminum coil that provides very low airflow resistance and is more resistant to leaks and corrosion than the traditionally used copper and aluminum coils.

The DuraTuff base pan is a high-quality part that's resistant to corrosion, warping, rust and cracking.

Found in the top-of-the-line Trane models, the dual Climatuff compressors are used to maximize a unit's efficiency. The smaller compressor is used the majority of the time, and when more power is required, the larger compressor comes into play.

Ruud air conditioners

Ruud ACRuud makes units ranging from 16 SEER to 19.5 SEER. Of the six units it makes, four are rated at 16 SEER, one is rated at 18.5 SEER, and one at 19.5 SEER.

The top two models use two compressors to make them run more efficiently. The other four units only have one compressor. Although they're less efficient, they're more energy efficient than the lowest Trane units.

Be sure to hire a contractor to install your air conditioner. If you try to install it yourself, the warranty can become invalid. Most contractors will provide you with a free estimate, so shop around to find the best deal.

It's recommended you discuss Trane vs. Ruud AC units with a licensed contractor. He'll use his expertise to help you determine the correct unit for your home. Try to choose the unit with the highest SEER rating so you'll save money on your utility bill.

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