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Verizon Home Monitoring vs ADT home security systems: a comparison of options

A summary review of the home security products and services offered by Verizon Home Monitoring and ADT

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Verizon and ADT are two highly recognizable names in home security and automation services.  By comparing Verizon Home Monitoring and ADT’s home security systems, you will have a better understanding of what options are available for upgrading or adding a home security system.

Verizon Home Monitoring overview

verizon home monitoringThe first thing you should know is that Verizon does not sell or offer security systems. What they offer are home monitoring packages. These packages let you monitor your home for any potential problems, even from work or while on vacation. You must first buy an installation kit, which is available for less than $100. The company does offer a pre-set/pre-owned kit which they provide free, if you sign up for their monthly monitoring service.  The kit comes with everything you need to install the system in your home.

Once you finish the installation process, you can access your monitoring system through a smart phone, iPod® Touch, computer or FiOS-enabled television. If you opt for television monitoring, you must purchase the plan directly from Verizon for a monthly fee, which can start at $8.99.

Verizon systems also include:

  • Gateway device
  • Indoor monitoring camera
  • Installation guide
  • Additional cables

If there is an incident, the gateway device sends a notification to your Verizon mobile phone

Upgrades/add-ons to the basic Verizon kit include:

  • Entry control systems (you can remotely lock or unlock doors in your home)
  • Energy control systems (can remotely set lights and/or thermostats in your home)
  • Additional security cameras

For a full description of the products and services available from Verizon, click here.


ADT overview

adt home securityADT franchises itself to local dealers who sell and service the company's equipment. All of the equipment is offered in packages, but these can be customized to whatever configurations suit your needs. Of all security companies, ADT offers the widest range of options for service and equipment. The company uses hardwired and wireless equipment from several manufacturers.

A sampling of available ADT equipment includes:

  • Entry sensors
  • Control panels
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Flood detector
  • Outside siren with strobe light
  • Video cameras

Some security companies base their packages and prices on different methods of categorization. ADT's monthly monitoring packages are based on the technology used in monitoring communications. Here is a summary of the standard packages available from ADT:

Essential: (starting at $36.99/month) Uses a standard telephone landline

Premium: (starting at $42.99/month) Uses a standard telephone landline and a two-way voice system

Cellular: (starting at $44.99/month) Uses a cellular connection and doesn't need a phone line

Total Protection: (starting at $47.99/month) Uses a standard telephone landline and a cellular connection for backup

More advanced ADT packages include critical condition surveillance, which is useful for customers who may require medical attention or monitoring. Sensors and motion detectors are hardwired when you subscribe to the Essentials Plus, Critical Conditions or Family Package plans. (You have more flexibility with the location of wireless devices, but electronic devices may interfere with the monitoring signals.

If you want to add security cameras, ADT offers them and the costs start at around $200 each.

ADT's dealers handle all installations. Self-installation is not an option. Often many dealers offer same-day installation where they will send a trained and certified technician to survey your premises and to install home security alarm equipment. Many dealers offer free installation with a contract, so you should check your local area for dealers with the best offers.

ADT offers 24-hour customer service by phone, email or chat. ADT allows its customers a six-month trial period to try its services and offers a full refund with returned equipment during that period. ADT offers a lifetime warranty on all its equipment known as its Quality Service Plan.

For more information about ADT’s home security systems, you can review this more in-depth article (click here for link to broader ADT article) or visit ADT’s home security systems website by clicking here.


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