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Verizon vs Comcast Xfinity home automation: comparing the two providers

Offering a summary and comparison of the home automation products and services offered by Verizon and Comcast Xfinity

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Verizon and Comcast XFINITY are two leading broadband providers who have recently expanded into home security and home automation services.  Comparing Verizon with Comcast Xfinity home automation services will give you a better understanding of your options should you be thinking of adding home automation to your home security system.

Verizon overview

Verizon's package is more of a home automation system than a traditional security system. You can use it to change the lighting in your home, adjust the thermostat and control the locks on your doors. Verizon lets you access your home's system with a computer, tablet or smart phone when you are away from home. You can also use a FiOS TV to control the system, but you must pay an additional fee for that service (this fee can start as low as $8.99-month.)verizon home monitoring/automation system starter kit

You must first buy an installation kit, which is available for less than $100. Verizon does offer customers a pre-set kit for free if they sign up for monthly monitoring services.  The kit comes with everything you need to install the system in your home.

Verizon systems also include:

  • Gateway device
  • Indoor monitoring camera
  • Installation guide
  • Additional cables

If there is an incident, the gateway device sends a notification to your Verizon mobile phone

Upgrades/add-ons to the basic Verizon kit include:

  • Entry control systems (you can remotely lock or unlock doors in your home)
  • Energy control systems (can remotely set lights and/or thermostats in your home)
  • Additional security cameras

For a full description of the products and services available from Verizon, click here.


Comcast overview

Comcast Xfinity offers three basic service packages for home automation. Monthly fees for these three packages range from about $30 per month to about $50 per month and each one requires a three-year service contract. Each package provides a limited degree of monitoring, though you can upgrade any package to add expanded monitoring, fire monitoring and remote comcast xfinity home security & automation systemsconnectivity.

A Comcast Xfinity home security & automation system includes a number of components, including:

  • Motion sensors
  • Touchscreen control panels
  • Window and door sensors
  • Wireless keypads
  • Keychain remotes

Through the wireless data network, you can view live security camera video on your mobile device. You can also use your mobile device to set alerts, and control lighting and thermostats.

Installation is available through Comcast Xfinity and the costs vary from region to region. The company routinely offers installation discounts for new customers or for those upgrading existing services.

To get a better understanding of what Comcast Xfinity offers, click here.

When comparing Verizon and Comcast Xfinity home security and automation products and services, remember that not all regions of the country are covered by Verizon or Comcast Xfinity. You will want to be sure you are in an area covered by either of these providers. Also bear in mind that should you select either of these providers for your home security monitoring and home automation system, you will need to add or select them as your Internet service provider


Verizon and Comcast Xfinity are two excellent options for adding or upgrading your home security and home automation systems. Reply! can put you in contact with local home security professionals who can assist you, whichever system provider you choose.

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