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  • Vertical vs horizontal siding for your home: points to consider

Vertical vs horizontal siding for your home: points to consider

Stuck on vertical vs horizontal siding for your home? Here's a comparison guide for you.

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Vertical vs horizontal siding? It is your call. Photo by Nathan Webb, from's a good idea to compare the benefits of vertical vs. horizontal siding for your home. The type of siding you choose directly impacts what your home will look like.

While both types of siding come in an array of styles and colors, you may be trying to achieve a certain look.

Durable, high-quality vertical siding and horizontal siding is widely available at most hardware stores. Siding prices will vary depending on your location, the brand and style you choose.

One thing that you might consider is using both vertical and horizontal siding. For example, you can put vertical siding on a dormer, while the rest of the house has horizontal siding. One of the most popular combination styles is to place horizontal siding under the roof peak and then use vertical siding on the walls of the house. Another popular way to mix sidings is to use vertical siding on an attached garage and horizontal siding on the house proper.

Vertical siding has the advantage you can often paint it a couple of different colors. One of the most popular designs uses thin pieces of wood that run vertical on the flat surface of the wall. Often, these boards are painted a different color from the wall itself.

If you have specific questions on siding costs, your best bet is to contact a siding contractor to get a siding estimate, and Reply! can help you locate a reputable contractor in your region.

Vertical siding is most often used on structures that are nonresidential, such as office buildings, schools, libraries, barns and sheds.

Installing vertical siding is a bit more challenging than installing horizontal siding because furring strips must be added during the installation process in order to create a smooth, leveled surface. These furring strips must be laid down horizontally before vertical siding is applied. Whether you are installing siding on stucco, brick or block, this step must be taken in order for your vertical siding to stay intact.

Considering veritcal vs horizontal siding for your home? A contractor can help.

Horizontal siding is found on most residential properties. Homebuilders and homeowners generally prefer horizontal siding because it's easy to install, gives homes a traditional look and can be applied as shingles or strips. There are no additional steps involved in the installation process, which is not the case with vertical siding.

Many homeowners also tend to find horizontal siding more aesthetically pleasing than vertical siding.

When comparing vertical vs. horizontal siding, it's a good idea to search on the Internet and through catalogs to get an idea of the many types and styles available. You can also window shop at local home improvement stores to get an idea of the styles that appeal most to you.

If you decide to install vertical siding on your home, make sure that you factor in the extra cost you'll be required to pay to install it properly

When comparing vertical vs. horizontal siding, you should consider how it would affect your home's value. If you plan to sell your home in the future, it's also a good idea to speak to a realtor or home appraiser to see whether installing vertical siding has an impact on the value of homes. These are just a few points for you to consider when comparing vertical vs. horizontal siding. Use Reply! as a siding resource to help you make the best decision.

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