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Wall mount AC: pros, cons and costs

If you're planning to buy a wall-mounted AC unit, always remember to consider the cost of installation and where you plan to install it.

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Wall mount ACDuring summer, home cooling is almost a necessity. Air conditioning units, like a wall-mount AC, can reduce the temperature in a room to make it more comfortable to live in.

Many types of air conditioning units are available, such as window units, portable units, ductless or split units, and wall mounted air conditioners. Each type of AC unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

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About wall mount ACs

A wall-mount air conditioner is similar to a window-mount AC unit. They both remove warm air from a room in order to function properly. Chilling the air inside is not enough. This means it also needs to have access to the environment outside of a house.

Both types of AC units need to be placed on a wall adjacent to the outside of the house to work efficiently.

They also only have enough power to cool a room and can't be used to cool an entire house.

The main difference is window-mounted ACs can be placed on any existing opening, while wall-mount air conditioners require you to cut a hole through your wall. If you rent, you might not be able to install wall-mount air conditioners.


Installing a wall-mounted air conditioner is difficult. Cutting a hole through your wall is the hardest part because you need to watch out for things like pipes, studs and wiring.

While cutting the hole, you should also be sure the wall won't collapse. If you're unsure on how to do this, you should hire a contractor who's experienced with this kind of work to ensure the units are installed correctly and the warranty isn't voided.


A wall-mounted air conditioner is cheap. It will have a lot of cooling power, but costs nearly the same as a window-mounted unit. It might cost more to install, but this cost is worth it in the long run. If you have the budget, it's recommended you choose a wall-mounted air conditioning system over a window-mounted one.

This kind of AC unit is available in many brands and prices. Samsung has a wall-mount AC that costs $658.95. Sharp sells two units for $2,687.00 each. Napoleon offers one for $1,933.33, and Amana has one for $647.00.

These are just some examples, as many more models and brands are available. The price range is wide, as each type of unit has a specific cooling power. You should be aware of how much cooling power you need for your room. You should have an air conditioner estimate before you buy an AC unit as well to help you get the most out of your money and the best size for your space.

If you're planning to buy a wall-mounted AC unit, always remember to consider the cost of installation and where you plan to install it. It will be expensive at first, but the cost is justified by the savings. Find out how much cooling power you need from a wall-mount AC unit and determine the wattage suitable for the room you're cooling. Anything higher will be wasted power. Your contractor can figure this all out for you so you can be cool in no time.

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