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What is a square of shingles?

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What is a square of shingles? Find out. Photo by BlueRidgeKitties on Flickr.Finding the right asphalt shingles to best suit your roofing needs can be a difficult task, especially if you wish to install roofing shingles with long-lasting durability at a low-cost value. You may ask yourself, "What is a square of shingles?" When searching for the best asphalt roofing, you'll first need to fully understand what a square of shingles is, and how many shingles are needed to protect your home.

What is a square of shingles? The shingles per square is the amount of shingles needed to properly cover 100 square feet of roof, allowing the rows of shingles to cover the roof's plywood sheathing and protect your roof from outdoor elements.

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Various shingles are available on the market, providing you with different lifespans and roofing warranties. When researching roofing estimates, you'll need to carefully weigh the roofing shingles' cost against the shingles' durability to determine which product will best meet your roofing requirements and budget.

If you wish to re-shingle your residential home yourself, roofing prices range from $680 to $3,700 for a 1,700- to 2,100-square foot home with a gently sloped roof. Standard asphalt shingles with a three-tab rectangular design offer an inexpensive option if you're on a budget. Higher-end styles and colors can quickly raise the roofing cost. The thicker an asphalt shingle is, the greater its durability and the higher its price will be.

Roofing contractors can quickly get the roofing job completed at an affordable rate, with costs between $1,700 and $8,400 covering the disposal of the old shingles, shingle costs, and installation of new shingles on a 1,700- to 2,100-square foot home with a gently sloped roof.

Prices can quickly escalate, depending on your choice of colors, shingle thickness, roof pitch and architectural styles.

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Constructed out of organic or fiberglass material, asphalt shingles offer an economic alternative to other roofing options, providing you with long-lasting durability against weathering. Being easy to install, asphalt shingles are available in various colors to best match your home's architecture.

One downside to purchasing asphalt shingles is improper attic ventilation can quickly reduce the durability of the shingles. However, installing an underlayment will increase the weather resistance of your shingles.

Whether it's a snowy or sunny day, outdoor elements are constantly bombarding your roof, and roof repairs on residential roofing can become quite expensive. Requesting a roofing estimate can help keep your roofing cost within your budget, allowing you to find a durable asphalt roof tailored to your home's needs.

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