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Whirlpool air conditioners: pros, cons and costs

Your quick overview of Whirlpool air conditioners, features and prices.

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Whirlpool air conditioners only come as window models.Air conditioning can make the hot summer months much more enjoyable in your home. You may find that Whirlpool air conditioners provide home cooling solutions that work for you. Before you purchase a Whirlpool AC unit, there are a few things to consider.

Whirlpool single room air conditioners are available for rooms as small as 100 square feet and as large as 550 square feet. There are several models to choose from. The units are available in both black and white to help match the look of your home.

All window Whirlpool air conditioners are Energy Star rated, and some models actually exceed Energy Star's minimum standards. Additional benefits of the Whirlpool air conditioners for single-room use include:

    • Smart touch controls.
    • Washable antimicrobial filter.
    • Eco-mode energy saver.
    • Remote climate controls.

Some models have different features, so be sure to compare not only the BTU levels for each unit, but also the extra functions on each unit that will make the most sense in your home.

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The cost of a window air conditioner unit is significantly less than the cost of a central air conditioning unit or HVAC system. Many retailers sell Whirlpool air conditioners, including Sears. These air conditioners can range in price from between $480 to $600, depending on the desired BTUs.

You can also find Whirlpool air conditioners at lower prices at the Whirlpool Outlet Center. All AC units sold through the outlet come with a limited warranty.

When considering the cost of a window AC unit for your home cooling needs, be sure to consider the higher electricity bills that result from air conditioner usage in addition to the actual unit cost.

One major drawback for window air conditioner units is that you need to remove them from your window during the winter months. This can be difficult, since window air conditioners are typically heavy. If you do decide to install a Whirlpool air conditioner in your home, you may want to consider having it installed by a professional HVAC contractor.

Your contractor can provide you with an air conditioner estimate to help you determine the final cost of your project. If you do decide to install air conditioner components using a professional contractor, be sure to get a quote before starting. This can help you to determine your overall AC cost.

You should anticipate spending between $50 and $200 for window AC installation, depending on the unit and any necessary modifications that might need to be made.

Another con Whirlpool air conditioners is they do not include central AC units. If you need to cool multiple rooms, you should look at other brands and talk to a contractor to make sure you get the right size unit for your space.

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