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York vs American Standard AC prices, pros and cons

Determine if York or American Standard ACs would provide you with the best unit at a price within your budget.

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The purchase of a new air conditioner is an important investment. It is a good idea to explore the various options available on the market. By comparing York vs. American Standard AC units, you should be able to determine which of these products would provide you with the best unit at a price within your budget.

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York air conditioners

York vs American Standard ACsYork is well known. They have developed a solid reputation for reliability. If you opt for York, you will be able to choose from a variety of different air conditioners.

The Affinity Series is a split system AC unit. One of the benefits of this series is that you can also choose models that are Energy Star certified. These units offer greater energy efficiency than standard models. You can also take advantage of the QuietDrive™ Comfort System, which offers virtually silent operation.

Another option available from York is the LX Series Split System. Much like the Affinity Series, you can also choose from Energy Star models in this series that will lower your utility costs.

In comparing York vs. American Standard AC units, you may naturally have questions about costs. Pricing is partly based on the size of the unit you choose. The cost of an AC unit also tends to go up if you opt for a unit that offers additional features or amenities.

York units typically range in price from about $2,200 to $7,000, depending on the product line and unit size you choose.

American Standard air conditioners

American Standard ACYou can also choose from a variety of products from American Standard. Three series are available from American Standard.

The Platinum Series is the premier product line. Products in this series utilize a two-stage cooling process. These units are the most energy-efficient models available from American Standard.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you should consider the Silver Series. This product line is considered durable and is also affordable.

The Gold Series is a midlevel product line that utilizes a single-stage cooling system.

Although American Standard does not publish prices for its products, consumer reports indicate that units range between $4,500 and $8,500, depending upon the unit and size you choose.

Installation and warranty info

Before you hire someone to install your air conditioner units, compare estimates from at least three contractors.

When you are ready to hire a contractor, obtain an estimate that includes the following information:

    • Warranty info — both for the product and if contractor offers a separate warranty too.
    • Estimate regarding time of completion.
    • Size of unit to be installed.
    • Energy efficiency information.

Obtaining estimates can provide you with the information you need to make an accurate decision regarding which product and contractor are best for your needs.

Comparing York vs. American Standard AC units is an excellent way to quickly narrow your options and find a unit within your budget.

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