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York vs Bryant AC prices, pros and cons

With so many different ways of cooling your house, comparing York vs. Bryant AC is a good way to start your search for an air conditioner.

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From the dead of winter to the middle of summer, there is never a bad time to think about installing central air conditioning. Finding a new unit is as easy as comparing York vs. Bryant AC products.

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York air conditoners

York vs Bryant ACsWhen you buy an air conditioner from York, you can choose from three product lines:

    • Affinity.
    • LX.
    • Latitude.

Latitude air conditioners are base units. The Affinity products are the best and most expensive air conditioners available from York.

Air conditioner prices range from $2,000 for a Latitude model to $7,000 for an Affinity AC unit. The high cost puts a large number of people off when it comes to buying a central air conditioner.

If you need to save money, hire a contractor. You can even meet with multiple contractors, compare the estimate that each one gives you and talk about the cost of labor before you install air conditioner devices. Your contractor can install the device, check the effectiveness of your HVAC system and repair the AC in the future. 

Bryant air conditioners

Bryant ACBryant sells its products under four names:

    • Evolution System.
    • Preferred Series.
    • Preferred Compact.
    • Legacy Line.

The Legacy Line refers to the most basic of air conditioners. You can find AC units with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of up to 16, which means that the AC unit produces the same amount of cool air as other units, but uses less energy. The higher the SEER, the higher the cost of an air conditioner.

The Evolution Series has a SEER of up to 20. These units will cost $3,200 to $6,500.

Bryant also has several air conditioners that cost less than $3,000 including installation. 

Warranty info

Warranties are something you should look at when comparing York vs. Bryant AC products. With both York and Bryant, you must register your unit.

Bryant only gives you 90 days after installation to complete the registration process. Bryant can reduce your warranty to five years if you don't finish the registration in the allotted time.

Both companies also offer a limited 10-year warranty. The warranties cover most functional parts and the compressor on the unit.

If you worry about paying for labor to repair your air conditioner, consider purchasing an extended warranty plan. Repairing a Bryant AC can cost up to $1,000, but the extended plan will pay for labor. 

Don't spend another summer sweltering in the heat and humidity. Find a reliable contractor to give you estimates and to install your new AC quickly so you can start enjoying it. With so many different products to choose from and so many different ways of cooling your house, comparing York vs. Bryant AC is a good way to start your search for an air conditioner.

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