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York vs Gibson AC prices, pros and cons

For the air conditioners at the low end of the price scale, York vs. Gibson AC units appear favorable for small-scale work.

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For the highest level of comfort York vs. Gibson AC units compete favorably to provide seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings of between 16 for Gibson and 18 for York AC units.

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York vs Gibson ACBoth air conditioner models use two-stage compressor systems to provide quiet and efficient operation, while at the same time affording you great savings on your energy utility bills.

They're built with durability in mind. Specifically, the Gibson AC units are surrounded by a steel jacket to protect all moving parts. 

The York air conditioners come with 10-year parts and compressor limited warranties, which is just a notch above the Gibson AC units that only have a 10-year warranty for all parts.

The Gibson AC is designed as a split-system lineup consisting of the air conditioner for the outdoor section and the air handler that forms the indoor section.

In terms of the cooling technology, York vs. Gibson AC units apply variable technology to provide an excellent energy economy. In moderate weather and mildly hot temperatures, the low-stage system provides excellent low-noise service. This isn't normally replaced by the less silent high-stage service.

When it comes to control of the air conditioner units, the York AC unit comes with a residential communicating control panel that's highly intelligent and allows you to communicate with every enabled device in the home.

Gibson ACThe Gibson AC unit doesn't come with a communication control system. As a result, it takes the lead in terms of the air conditioner prices you'll encounter when you go shopping.

For the air conditioners at the low end of the price scale, York vs. Gibson AC units appear favorable for small-scale work.

The Gibson AC unit fixed speed provides 13 to 14 SEER as a single-stage system. The York AC units offer the Micro Chanel 13 SEER coil technology that uses less space and less refrigerant to supply a top rated cooling capability you'll notice.

The 13 SEER AC unit also comes with a 10-year limited parts and compressor warranty. 

In terms of the refrigerants used, York vs. Gibson AC units both use ozone friendly refrigerants. This is a departure from the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) that have been used by standard air conditioners.

To get the right estimates for installing York vs. Gibson AC units, contact contractors to provide a sizing service and the correct estimate for the costs of purchasing and installing the AC units.

Having a properly sized room air conditioner can save you money in utility bills. Choose a comfort specialist that has experience in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units because they can provide the right technical advice and after-sales service.

To compare York vs. Gibson AC features with other air conditioner models, look through the reviews at Reply! Your contractor should be familiar with both brands too.

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