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York vs Heil AC prices, pros and cons

Both the York vs. Heil AC units perform incredibly well when their energy economy is considered.

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Both the York vs. Heil AC units perform incredibly well when their energy economy is considered. With a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of 18 for the top performing air conditioners from both manufacturers, you can be sure you're getting the best from both.

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York vs Heil AC features

York vs Heil ACsA two-stage compressor comes standard for York vs. Heil AC units. This allows the air conditioners to run silently when the heat or weather conditions are mild using the lower stage. In extreme temperatures and weather conditions, the second stage kicks in, delivering high cooling capacities of up to 5 tons for the York AC units.

On the other hand, the Heil AC unit comes with a deluxe sound blanket to ensure it keeps the compressor sound levels low.

In terms of durability, Heil supplies air conditioner units in galvanized-steel cabinets that feature a powder-coat, a heated-on finish and a coated inlet grille that comes with a narrower spacing to provide maximum protection of the equipment.

Sizing is an important part of choosing the right kind York vs. Heil AC.

York and Heil do a perfect job in terms of removal of moisture and air filtration at air conditioner prices that are pocket friendly. To achieve even higher efficiencies of heat recovery, York vs. Heil AC units have introduced mini-split air conditioning systems that come with an easy-to-remove filter that can be quickly cleaned in a utility sink.

Energy efficiency

Heil ACThe Heil AC system delivers up to a 22 SEER cooling. While the York Energy Star models deliver up to 27 SEER cooling, with some models also having temperature and humidity control settings through the mini-split AC units.

Mini-split York vs. Heil AC units come with easy-to-use infrared remote control that's both intuitive and sophisticated, allowing you to take control of your home environment. The variable speeds on the AC units ensure you'll enjoy amazing quietness and low energy costs.

Installation and warranty

To have the correct estimates for both cost and capacity, talk to contractors with experience in handling heating, ventilating and air conditioning units (HVAC). The contractor can help you to choose from the available options, including the right size unit for your home.

When comparing York vs. Heil AC units, keep in mind both brands feature a seven-year compressor warranty and a five-year parts warranty.

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