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York vs Rheem AC prices, pros and cons

When comparing York vs. Rheem AC units, you will find they are very similar in terms of quality, efficiency, performance and reliability.

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When comparing York vs. Rheem AC units, you will find they are very similar in terms of quality, efficiency, performance and reliability. The primary difference comes down to the air conditioner prices and installation costs.

Starting in the mid-1920s in San Francisco, CA, Rheem has a reputation for building quality HVAC products. York enjoys a similar reputation, except this company started in York, Pennsylvania, in 1874.

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Energy efficiency

York vs Rheem ACIn order to determine how energy efficient an AC unit is, we look at the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. Air conditioners range from 13 SEER, the minimum rating allowed by federal regulation, to 22 SEER, designating a top-of-the-line AC in efficiency.

When comparing energy efficiency for York vs. Rheem AC units, Rheem has a slight advantage. Rheem's units range from 16 to 19.5 SEER. York has units that range from 13 to 18 SEER.

Not only do the entry-level Rheem units have a higher SEER rating, their most efficient air conditioner is slightly more efficient than that of York.


The second half of the York vs. Rheem AC comparison focuses on comfort and performance. Again, it appears that Rheem has a slight advantage.

Both companies offer single stage and two-stage units. A single stage unit only has one compressor and runs at one speed. This can lead to more energy being used than necessary. 

A two-stage unit has two compressors and variable speeds. Using one compressor gently cools your house while conserving power. Using both compressors allows the AC to operate at full potential to cool your house down quickly.

Both companies also have sound deadening for their top units to ensure that they run quietly.

Rheem ACHowever, Rheem shines through with its Comfort Control2 System that offers more than 32 on-board diagnostics that can bring attention to electrical and system issues. Its Active Protection technology checks to see if the AC is faulty, and if it senses a problem it shuts off to prevent further damage.

It also has the technology to be wired to an advanced thermostat and can communicate with other components in your HVAC system to maximize comfort while minimizing energy usage.

Installation and warranty

Once you have discovered the AC unit for your home, you will want to hire a contractor to install your air conditioner. If you do not have the AC installed by a licensed contractor, you will not be able to take advantage of the warranty offered by either company.

Find honest, top-rated contractor to provide you with estimates for the installation and AC.

Both companies are fairly evenly matched, but if you are looking for cutting-edge features and technology, you should consider Rheem. If an efficient, reliable AC meets your needs, compare York vs. Rheem AC units to find the best value.

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