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York vs Tempstar AC prices, pros and cons

Consider how much you value quietness, efficiency and size as you compare York versus Tempstar AC units.

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Choosing the correct air conditioner for your home is fairly simple. Consider what you would like from your AC unit, the size you need, and then find the best price. When comparing York vs. Tempstar AC units, know that both companies make a quality product.

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York air conditioners

York vs Tempstar ACsYork's air conditioners are divided into three series:

    • Latitude.
    • LX.
    • Affinity.

The Latitude series includes the TCGD and TCGF models. The Latitude series is an entry-level series that focuses on high efficiency and features MicroChannel Coil technology to make the units smaller than a standard AC.

The LX series is York's mid-range lineup. Including two units, the YCJD and YCJF, this series is similar to the Latitude line. The primary difference is the smaller size of the LX units.

Both the YCJD and the TCGD of the Latituate seriesare rated at 13 seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER). The YCJF and the TCGF are rated at 14.5 SEER and have a Energy Star rating indicating they're more efficient than a standard AC.

The Affinity series features York's top-of-the-line models. The TCHD is much smaller than the other units and is rated at 13 SEER. The CZF is rated at 16 SEER. The CZH is rated at 18 SEER.

All York units come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Tempstar air conditioners

Tempstar ACTempstar makes a variety of air conditioners to satisfy your HVAC needs, including the TX 5300, TXC, TXT+ standard, and the TXT+ with the Observer feature. Each unit comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

The TX 5300 is rated at 13 SEER, and is quiet, durable and aerodynamic with a two-speed fan motor.

The TXC is the next step up, rated at 16 SEER and featuring the Observer feature that monitors other components of your HVAC system and adjusts accordingly to save energy.

The standard TXT+ is rated at 18 SEER.

Upgrading to the TXT+ with Observer includes reduced noise levels. This unit is rated up to 19 SEER, making it the most efficient model of all the previously mentioned units.

Tempstar units also come with a 10-year limited warranty.


Once you've chosen a unit you like, the next step is hiring a contractor to install your air conditioner. One of the biggest reasons to have a licensed contractor handle the installation is the warranty can become invalid if you try to install the AC yourself. Neither company's website lists air conditioner prices, but the contractor can help you find the price of the unit and should include it in your estimate. Reply! is an excellent resource to help you find reliable, honest contractors to assist you.

Consider how much you value quietness, efficiency and size as you compare York vs. Tempstar AC units. Both companies make reliable products backed up by 10-year warranties. Remember to hire a contractor to handle the installation.

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