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York vs Trane AC prices, pros and cons

When you need a new air conditioner and aren't sure where to start, begin with a comparison of York vs. Trane AC products.

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When you need a new air conditioner and aren't sure where to start, begin with a comparison of York vs. Trane AC products. These two companies make several different central air devices. Find out more about their products before making your choice.

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York air conditioners

York vs Trane ACAs you compare York vs. Trane AC products, you'll find that York sells its AC units under three brands:

    • Affinity.
    • LX.
    • Latitude.

All products sold under the Affinity Series have an Energy Star rating that shows the air conditioners are more energy efficient than other brands. These units are also the quietest of all those sold by York.

Energy Star ratings are also available on the LX units, but these units don't run as effectively as the Affinity brand. They are a great choice for smaller homes.

Latitude air conditioners are the smallest available from York, and the units won't take up much space outside your home. 

Trane air conditioners

Trane XL20i ACTrane is one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling devices. Their air conditioner prices range depending on the model you choose. The company makes 10 different models.

The XL20i AC unit has the highest seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) of all its products. Its SEER number of 20 means this unit will use far less energy than models with a lower number.

Trane also makes several air conditioners with a SEER of 13. These units are generally more affordable than those with a higher number. 

Warranty info

Before you decide to hire a contractor, compare the warranties on these products. While a contractor can give you an estimate and install air conditioner and other HVAC products, the contractor might not know about the warranty.

Almost all of the York ACs have a 10-year warranty that covers parts and the compressor, but some products only have a one-year warranty on parts and a five-year warranty on the compressor.

If you buy a Trane air conditioner, you'll get the chance to purchase an extended warranty plan. You can purchase up to 10 years of coverage that will pay for labor and installation of new parts.

Comparing York vs. Trane AC products will show you that both companies offer long-lasting warranties. Additionally, Trane allows you to transfer the warranty if you sell your home. 

A new air conditioner can make your home feel comfortable. You can adjust the temperature, reduce the humidity in your home, and even lower your energy bills. Find the best contractors in your area with experience installing heating and cooling products. Comparing York vs. Trane AC products is something you can do on your own or with the help of your contractor.

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