Evaporator Coil Replacement: Prices, Quotes, and Tasks

Evaporator Coil Overview | Price to Repair Your Air Conditioner Coil, Free Estimates, Warranty Considerations, Evaporator Coil Replacement Process and More

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Shown here is an evaporator coil, also known as an air conditioner coil. Evaporator coil replacement may be an option for you. Talk to a contractor.A central air conditioner’s evaporator coil is one of three main components that make the system run and ultimately displace heat and cool your home. And it’s the only one of the three that’s usually worth repairing if it stops working.

The other two main components are the compressor and condenser coil. You can’t repair a condenser coil and a compressor is extremely expensive to replace — it’s generally not worth it unless it’s covered under warranty. However, if your air conditioner stops running due to an evaporator coil, replacement is usually in the 100s of dollars, making it an affordable and wise decision.

For an aging system — over a decade old — it's sometimes a better investment to buy a new air conditioner altogether due to the immediate and long-term energy savings from a higher efficiency system.

But first, weigh your options and check your system's warranty to see whether it covers the evaporator coil. Many air conditioners have five to 10-year limited warranties on parts. Some high-end systems even offer lifetime warranties, but lifetime coverage for an air conditioner coil is rare.


Evaporator coil replacement depends largely upon the size of your air conditioner. The part itself usually runs between $250 to $550 wholesale, with the low-end based on a 2-ton air conditioner and the high-end based on a 5-ton air conditioner. Add a few hundred for labor and it comes to anywhere between $500 to $900 for replacement.

This isn’t a do-it-yourself project to be left in the hands of anyone but an air conditioning expert or risk causing further damage to your air conditioner. Make sure the repair man or woman is fit to the job and has great reviews from customers on sites such as Yelp or Contractors.com. To find out your cost and compare quotes for the best value, click here for up to four free coil repair estimates from local reputable contractors.


Coil replacement isn’t an overly intensive job, but it requires in-depth knowledge air conditioning systems. Replacement begins by removing the refrigerant from the air conditioner, followed by cutting the coil from its housing, then brazing and setting the new coil into the air conditioner’s line set.

The last steps include vacuuming out the system extensive to remove any and all debris, checking for any possible leaks, and finally, recharging the system with new refrigerant.


Most air conditioning experts can perform an evaporator coil repair. To find the best price, we recommend seeking at least three repair estimates. QualitySmith works with hundreds of contractors nationwide who are chosen very selectively, must be reputable, and must hold current licensing and insurance as required by law.

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