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The Coolest Home Air Conditioning Advice Ever

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When that lingering bead of sweat boiling down your furrowed brow becomes the last straw on the camel’s back that is the sweltering season of summer, a homeowner’s finest escape will inevitably be home air conditioning. The options are many when it comes to home cooling, but nothing beats the cool composure of a house equipped with central air conditioning. A home can be a chillingly grand oasis of relaxation away from the radiating and desert-like rays of the sun.

Home Air Conditioning - Astonishingly Cool Options

The variety of home air conditioning options available to modern homeowners is pretty astounding, but one needn’t be overwhelmed. The beauty of home cooling revolves around picking the best system for your specific house. Different home cooling options exist based on regional needs, the number of people living in a house, the size of a home, and even the lifestyle of a home’s residents. The best way to find the coolest choice for home air conditioning is to find a reliable HVAC contractor to make a professional assessment. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America established the Manual J and Manual D Load Calculations to decipher what a home will need to keep it efficiently cooled, and any quality contractor will follow this reference when working on an estimate for a home cooling project.

So what does a load calculation consider?

  • The size of the house itself. It’ll take a larger and more extensive home cooling system to keep a mansion chilly versus that cozy little bungalow.
  • Air filtration will have an effect on what size of AC unit a home will need.
  • Local climate will obviously change what type of cooling a homeowner will choose. A house in the Pacific Northwest won’t need the power of the home air conditioning system of a home deep in the heart of Texas.
  • The warmth inside a home can also be affected by heat-creating appliances such as stoves, washers, and dryers.
  • How often the air conditioning system is used should be considered when doing a load calculation, as well as the number of the people residing in the home.

The load calculation should be done by a local, professional home air conditioning contractor. Almost a third of home air conditioners today are incorrectly installed, causing years of unneeded high heat, in the home and in the pocketbook. Taking the time to find an experienced air conditioning contractor will save decades of heated worry. It’s definitely the coolest way to go.


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