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What to know about low home cooling estimates and cooling system types

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How To Cool Down When Summer Heats Up

When blaring heat comes cascading down in the summer months, the hottest thing on the block is going to be having a cool home. Home cooling can be one of the greatest upgrades a homeowner can add to a house; it can transform your home from a sweltering palace of sweat to an oasis awaiting to refresh the end of your day. Keeping your house cool isn’t free though, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into when considering the installation of a new home cooling system. If you’ve never installed a home cooling system, or if you’re facing the painful reality of a broken air conditioner when you need it most, there is a variety of important factors to remember when you’re seeking home cooling estimates.

Choosing the right cooling system for your area is extremely important. If you live in an area of the country that stays cool 10 months out of the year, you don’t need to install the most efficient and expensive home cooling system. Similarly, you’re going to need more than a box fan to fight off dry desert days in warmer climates. The key to finding low home cooling estimates is finding the right unit for your home.

Types of Home Cooling Systems

Single room air conditioners are common. You’ll find this type of AC unit in new and old homes, apartment windows, hotel walls, and your favourite hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They tend to be less expensive than any sort of central cooling system, and may be simple enough for self-installation. This type of cooling system can have its drawbacks though. Single room air conditioners fit their name – they are made to cool one or two rooms at best. If you’re looking to cool down your whole house, this type of unit isn’t your best bet.

Central air conditioning is another common type of home cooling system, though you shouldn’t try to install this yourself. Finding a professional technician to ease the installation is going to be a wise choice, due to advanced ductwork, unit sizing, and the importance of HVAC experience. Installation of a new central air-cooling system will run you anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000, initially, but if you use it often, this is more of a smart investment than an unsightly expenditure. There are also federal tax incentives offered for installing an AC unit that energy efficiency standards, which will continue to bring the savings in beyond your initial cooling estimate.

Evaporative coolers, also called “swamp coolers,” are a natural alternative to air conditioning. This method is ideal for very dry regions, as it revolves around the idea of evaporating water into the air. Humid climates should not utilize this time of home cooling, as added humidity will do little to offer more comfort. Evaporative coolers may garner a lower home cooling estimate overall, but they will need frequent maintenance and they won’t cool your house down as much as an air conditioner.  

Keeping Home Cooling Estimates Low

Though the variety of home cooling systems available can be overwhelming, a comfortable home in the hottest months isn’t something out of your grasp. Research and getting a good contractor are two simple steps. A little bit of research will go a long way, so know what to expect from your new home cooling system. Find a good technician when looking for home cooling estimates -- the help of an experienced HVAC technician will make sure your cooling system is installed correctly.

A professional, experienced contractor can help you find the right cooling system for your specific house, and give you a good home cooling estimate. All estimates should be free, and using online services to find those free quotes will help you find the right information, narrow down your choices, and get back to enjoying the summer in comfort.


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