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Seeking The Right Materials and the Right Contractor for a Low Roof Estimate

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When it’s time for a new roof on your home, finding a low roofing quote may seem like a formidable task, but it’s easier than it seems. The trick to finding a top-notch top for your house lies in seeking multiple roof estimates estimates, knowing what to ask, and in the end, narrowing down these factors to choose a reliable roofing contractor.

What Makes A Roof Makes The Roof Estimate

The first factor that will affect your roof estimate is your choice of roofing materials. Over the years, several types of roofing shingles have come into use, so perusing the types and styles available can be confusing. Here is a rough roof guide for common materials to consider before you seek your first roofing quote.

  • Asphalt – the most common type of shingle today, though if not taken care of properly may last but fifteen years.
  • Wood – the classic common shingle, wood requires higher levels of maintenance, though, and is easily damaged by extreme weather conditions.
  • Clay – beautiful but expensive, clay shingles offer an assortment of styles and colours, though installation may cause initial estimates to rise.
  • Metal – Inexpensive and durable, metal may be the most economical choice, though not necessarily the most attractive.
  • Slate – long-lasting and great for improving curb appeal, slate is one of the most expensive shingle types today. The fragile yet heavy style of slate causes installation costs to be high and maintenance to be precarious.

The Right Contractor for the Right Roof Estimate

When seeking multiple roof estimates, it’s important to go to a variety of roofing contractors. Get a roofing quote from large contracting firms, small mom-and-pop companies, and independent contractors to understand the entire pricing spectrum of roofing. Large companies may be able to offer a lower roof estimate, but may not be able to provide the level of unique service that an independent roofer can. Similarly, a small company may not have the experience needed to take on your specific project. It’s important to know exactly what you need from a contractor before jumping into this vital step in home improvement.

No matter from what type of contracting company you accept a roofing quote, whether it be large or small, there are a few general qualities that you should see across the board. Options offered, availability, and the roof estimate will vary, but every roof contractor should meet the following criteria:

  • Experience – Professional roofing contractors should have at least two years of experience under their belts. Ask your potential contractor for references from satisfied customers, photographs of recent projects, or local examples of his work.
  • Knowledge – Every house is different, so it’s not just a question of knowing about general roofing types. A great contractor will be able to give you suggestions about the specific roofing needs of your house.
  • Certification – Every roofing professional should have up to date licensing and be part of organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association.

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