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Material Cost and the Effect on Your Window Estimate

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Your home windows do so much more than shed a little light. A great set of home windows will keep out the extremes of weather, cut your bills, and keep your home looking beautiful. If your current home windows aren’t cutting it, it may be time to find a window estimate or two and upgrade to a new style to start saving.

Know Your Window Estimate

A low window estimate may seem difficult to find, but don’t be discouraged. There are reasons why the windows of your home may be so costly. One of the biggest factors that affect the prices of home windows is the material of the frame itself. Think about these when you’re searching for your estimates:

  • Wood – nothing beats the classic looks of a wooden framed window. Wooden windows are strong and durable, but tend to be more expensive. If you’re looking to replace all of the windows in your home, a low window estimate may not be found with wooden windows.
  • Vinyl – the most common choice for most homes today. Vinyl offers an expansive range when it comes to styles and colours, and will easily qualify for tax credits thanks to energy efficiency. Easy to install and needing little maintenance, vinyl windows have multiple obvious advantages. The weakness of vinyl can be a drawback though, especially if they aren’t installed correctly.
  • Fiberglass – the most durable and dependable windows on the market today, fiberglass offers security and high weather resistance. You’ll be paying for it though – literally. Fiberglass is the most expensive common window type available today.
  • Aluminum – the least expensive type of window you’ll find today. A low window estimate doesn’t mean a good deal, though. Poor energy efficiency is one of the biggest drawbacks of aluminum windows, despite strength and durability.

To get more information about window replacement price estimates, see our main artilce on the cost of new panes here.

The most important part of finding a low window estimate is finding a reliable window contractor. If your windows aren’t installed correctly, it really doesn’t matter what they’re made of. Start by looking online to find a professional contractor. Stress seeking experience – references are a must. Test his knowledge – ask him about the best window types for your home. A great contractor will be filled with experience and knowledge – the choice will be clear when finding your new windows.

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