Painless Holiday Home Ideas for Comfort

Holiday Upgrades For A Comfy Home

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The holidays are the perfect excuse for not only sprucing up your home but also for making those much needed home improvements. Whether it's kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or a landscape upgrade that's been procrastinated, the vision of friends and family from near and afar arriving on the doorstep adds a timely perspective.

Outsource the Work, Enjoy the Holidays

Before jumping headlong into your holiday to-do lists, consider how much time a good maid service can save you. You will enjoy valuable time you can better spend orchestrating the decorations, shopping and enjoying your family and guests.

Safety is #1

Speaking of shopping, while the holidays bring out the best in some of us, they bring out the worst in others. You don't have to read many news reports and crime statistics to see that burglary rates annually spike during the holidays. Protect your home and loved ones from the local Grinches with a quality security system.

Big Impact Projects

Once you can rest easy knowing your home is secure and the more mundane tasks like cleaning are taken care of for you, make a list of your priority home improvements. Then consider which ones will make the biggest impact this holiday season—not only by making a fantastic impression on your guests, but also making the best sense for your home. To help you get started, here are some of the best home improvements people are making for the holidays.

Keep Your Guests Warm

At the top of many a "To-Do" list is keeping your guests comfortable, happy and warm. Besides keeping your company toasty and warm, a new efficient heating system could make a very big difference in your energy bill. If you're considering this home improvement, read our "Furnace Review" article and consider a model that will qualify you for the new energy tax credits.

There's nothing like a nice hot shower, and your guests will agree. The holidays also mean more dishwasher and laundry cycles. If your water heater isn't exactly "Old Faithful" or you simply want to upgrade to a more efficient model consider getting an estimate on a high-efficiency water heater. Don't forget about tax credits which last only until next year.

Beautify. Expand. Landscape.


The first impression your guests will have of your home is the front yard and entrance way to your home. Make this a lasting impression with a landscape upgrade.

Porches, Patios, and Sunrooms

If you live in a mild climate, consider creating or enhancing an outdoor living and entertaining space. Not only will your guests enjoy your new and well-appointed deck, patio or sunroom, you can be proud of making an economically smart decision because outdoor remodeling projects typically bring an 80 to 90 percent return on investment. Learn more about other projects with high ROI.

Touches of Color

Simply having autumn landscaping tasks completed, such as pruning and yard debris clean-up can make a big difference, but think about little touches that add to your wintery landscape. Depending on your climate zone, winter blooming flowers such as pansies can add a nice splash of color. Evergreens and red berries add beauty to landscapes on their accord as well as the colorful birds they attract.

Interior Upgrades

Before you deck those halls, is there something in your home badly in need of a remodel that decorating won't hide? Or perhaps everything's in good order, but you'd just like to add something new.

New Flooring

Replacing old flooring or carpet with an eco friendly and beautiful floor like bamboo can turn a whole room around. And don't forget the bathroom. Go all out for a new bathroom remodel or increase the aesthetics and comfort with perhaps a new spa or tile shower or something as simple but eye catching as a lovely new mirror and lights.

The Bottom Line

Remember when considering home improvements for the holidays that while you will be providing a more enjoyable stay for your guests, you will also have the pleasure of enjoying your improvements for years to come.

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