House Siding Prices: Average Costs for Popular Styles

A breakdown of expected siding prices for traditional and popular siding types. Don't let house siding costs hold you back.

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CertainTeed fiber cement siding is just one of the siding types for you to consider when searching for house siding. Siding prices for fiber cement siding are the middle of the road.

House siding replacement is considered by most experts one of the wisest investments a homeowner can make. House siding cost may be high, but the payoff can put more dollars back in your bank account than you originally spent.

Bankrate, a leading consumer financial service and key contributor to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today, lists upgrading to fiber cement siding as the best investment in home renovation. The average return on investment is 103.6 percent, according to Bankrate.

Want to skip the info and go straight to the quotes? Find contractors in your area who can provide you with siding prices for different siding types. He can also help you choose the best option based on your needs and your budget.

That high return on investment isn’t limited to fiber cement siding, however. New home siding boosts your home's value because, as studies show, consumers judge the quality of a home primarily on its siding. The first impression will either open the door or close it, as the saying goes.

Expected house siding cost varies depending on the materials used, contractor pricing, location, and numerous other factors. The following is intended as a rough guide for expected home siding cost, including the price of materials and contractor installation. Keep in mind as you read below that prices can fluctuate.

Cost on the side

Expected house siding cost includes materials and installation. The expected siding cost is based on a 2,200 square foot home, the national average.

Plywood siding

Plywood is a reliable siding that emulates real wood, but is vulnerable to fire, insects, warping, and requires a new coat of paint about twice a decade.

    • Plywood siding cost per square foot: $1 to $3.
    • Expected house siding cost using plywood: $6,000.

Vinyl siding

A nearly maintenance free siding that is vulnerable to cracking and mold and emulates the appearance of other styles of siding. About 32 percent of homes in the country feature vinyl siding. Return on investment for vinyl siding has been shown to be around 73 percent. To read more in-depth information about vinyl siding, see our "Vinyl siding prices: pros, cons and quotes" consumer resource guide.

    • Vinyl siding cost per square foot: $2 to $3.
    • Expected siding cost using vinyl siding: $7,000.

Aluminum siding

house siding costs

Nearly maintenance free product that does not require painting, Aluminum Siding is protected from rot and other damage; on the down side, it can be loud during rain and other weather and is vulnerable to dents and fades over time.

    • Aluminum siding cost per square foot: $2.50 to $3.50.
    • Expected siding cost using aluminum siding: $8,000.

Wood shingles and shake

Low-maintenance with the classic look of old world European houses, wood shingles and shake shingles require little more than an oil stain every three years and possibly mildew repellent every five years. Wood shingles are vulnerable to wind damage, rot, fading, and splintering.

    • Wood shingles and shake cost per square foot: $5 to $7.50.
    • Expected siding cost using wood shingles: $13,000.

Cement fiber siding

A “green” siding that emulates natural wood grain and is protected from insects, mold and fire, cement fiber siding requires nearly no maintenance, and it has extremely high durability, lasting 50 years or more. Cement fiber siding has the highest return on investment of any other task in home remodeling, showing a 103 percent return in value.

    • Cement fiber siding cost per square foot: $4.50 to $9.
    • Expected house siding cost using cement fiber siding: $14,000.


Often seen in tropical climates, stucco is a good insulator, is fire resistant, and needs nearly no maintenance.

    • Stucco cost per square foot: $4 to $10.
    • Expected house siding cost using stucco: $15,000.

Stone siding

The highest quality house siding with a price tag to match. Nearly without fault and maintenance free, stone siding is a strong insulator and protects against insects, fire, mold, rot, and just about every other elemental nuisance you can imagine.

    • Stone siding cost per square foot: $15 to $30.
    • Expected siding cost using stones: $50,000.

How to find a contractor

Made your decision? We can you help find contractors in your area who can not only install siding, but also help you choose the best option based on your needs and your budget. Just click this link for estimates or select the quotes button on this article.

Whether you are building a home to your specifications or improving an existing house by replacing siding, the right choice in siding now can save you money and time.

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