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From access to licensed roofers to roofing types, QualitySmith breaks out the costs involved and gives you product line overviews from different brands.

Roofing Prices: Roof Replacement Cost & Roof Shingles Prices

An overview of roofing prices you should expect for asphalt, wood, tile, metal and slate. Covers DIY and roofing quotes from a professional.

Metal Roofing Prices: Pros, Cons and Costs

Your consumer guide to metal roofing prices and materials. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of installing a metal roof. Find a contractor now.

Local Roofers: Get a Good Roofer for a Great Roof

Six Simple Steps to Find the Right Local Roofers for Your Roof Replacement or Repair Project

Roof Styles - Pros, Cons and Costs

An overview of roof styles and types of roofing: asphalt composition shingles, wood shingles, clay tile and metal roofing. Which of the roofing styles fit your budget?

Roofing Services - Get the Most Out of Your Roofer

What to know about materials and contractors to get the most out of your roofing services

Roofing Repair: An Overview of Common Repairs

A general overview of common roofing repair, from simple leaks to major overhauls

Home Roofing – Reflections on Going Green

Going Green with White Reflective Home Roofing

Roof Installers: Five Qualities to Look for Before You Hire

Five key qualities to look for when you’re looking for roof installers to ensure you hire a quality pro

Replace Roof – Remedy Your Home to Happiness

Find out about the right and ready way to replace your roofing. By replacing your roof, you'll be surprised how it changes your whole house.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost: An Overview

A guide to new roof prices, including pros and cons of popular styles to help you answer, "How much does a new roof cost?" Connect with roofing contractors today.

Roof Cost - Quotes, Contractors and Shingles

Seeking Estimates, Knowing What Your Roof Costs, and Picking a Contractor

Roof Estimate - What's Beneath Your Roofing Quote

Seeking The Right Materials and the Right Contractor for a Low Roof Estimate

Roof Contractors - Know Your Options and Know Your Contractor

Finding Roof Contractors to Stay On Top of Your New Roofing Project

Roofing Specialists - Six Rules to Keep You Covered When Hiring

Six rules to follow when hiring roofing specialists to weed out questionable roofers and ensure a quality new roof

Roof Replacement Estimate - How to Get a Low, Local Quote

A guide to finding a low roof replacement estimate from a trustworthy contractor


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