Roof Cost - Quotes, Contractors and Shingles

Seeking Estimates, Knowing What Your Roof Costs, and Picking a Contractor

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Spring beckons more than blooming flowers, the birds and the bees. When winter is dead and gone, it’s time for spring-cleaning and home improvement projects. If a new roof is on top of the list, you’re probably wondering how much will your new roof cost. The cost of a roof depends on many varying factors, so reading up on what’s going up top is a good move when you start your search for new roofing.

Searching For Roof Cost Estimates

It’s important to seek multiple estimates when you decide to install a new roof on your house. Roof costs will vary from contractor to contractor and from material to material, so seeing the spectrum of price differences will help you put your project into perspective. Large home improvement firms may offer cheaper prices and a vaster variety, but will most likely lack the customer service that you’ll find from a small, independent contractor. You may end up paying a little more for working with an independent roofing contractor, but if you’re trading a slightly higher roof cost for much higher quality and personal assurance, you’re more likely to be happy with the outcome. Remember: your roof should last 20-30 years – it’s a big investment that sticks with you.

What Makes A Roof Cost So Much (Or Not So Much)?

One of the more straightforward factors that will affect your roofing estimate, and inevitably the cost of maintenance over the years, is the material you choose. There are several types of roofing materials to choose from, and learning what will work best for your home will lower the entirety of your roof cost – up front and in the long run. Here is a simple breakdown of what to expect from some common roofing options offered today:

  • Composition shingles – asphalt, fiberglass, or made from recycled materials, composition shingles are moderately priced and have a simple, distinct look.
  • Wood shakes – natural and classic, but may be more costly for installation and maintenance.
  • Clay tiles – long lasting and stylish, clay tiles require little maintenance over the years, but are fragile and definitely expensive.
  • Slate – shingles made from rock, slate is a more expensive alternative to more common roofing. Though long lasting, slate roofing generally requires more cost up from and in the long run.
  • Concrete tiles – a long lasting, fireproof option, concrete is one of the most durable choices for roofing, though you’ll feel it in your pocketbook.
  • Metal roofing – requires very little maintenance, has positive environmental effects and is highly energy efficient, though the possibly more intricate installation process can cause roof costs to rise.

Contracting The Best Roof Cost

Finding the best contractor for your job may be the most important part of the process. Your roof cost will vary from contractor to contractor, and the lowest price may not be from the best roofer for your house. When researching roofing materials and seeking roofing quotes, remember to look for the signs of a reliable contractor.

A professional roofing contractor will be certified, knowledgeable, and experienced. Ask to see some references or examples of previous work. Ask as many questions as you can about roofing types. If you don’t know something about your roofing needs, a local contractor should be ale to fill in the blanks. If he’s certified with the Better Business Bureau and the National Roofing Contractors Association, it’s a good sign that he’s up to date with news of the roofing world – and that’s a great way to top off your search for a great roof.

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