Cost of Siding Installation – A Breakdown on Your Estimate

Where Your Siding Installation Estimate Comes From

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The cost of siding installation can be a wily number to track down. When you’re on the hunt for estimates there aren’t very many contractors who want to fork out a list of prices without any guarantee of a new project to undertake. Installing siding is laborious to say the least, so it can be tricky to throw around numbers when talking price quotes. A siding installation estimate has a handful of determining factors, so knowing the breakdown can ease the frustration of finding the right price for home siding.

Cost of Siding

The simple cost of siding is the easier part of the process to ballpark. Siding prices are generally broken down by material cost. This estimate will include the price of the type of material itself, the amount of material needed, and the material quality. Prices will vary greatly from region to region and from siding type to siding type.

Siding Material Cost

Please note that these are extremely loose numbers. For precise numbers on a home siding estimate, you have to seek the help of a siding professional. The cost of siding installation will vary greatly from house to house, so your home will have it’s own unique quote.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding generally runs around $3 per square foot. Aluminum siding will cost anywhere from $3,000-$9,000, depending on the size of your home. A cozy bungalow will obviously cost less to side than that mansion on the hill.

Vinyl Siding

If you’re going to go with the do-it-yourself method of installing siding, vinyl siding panels can cost you as little as $1 per square foot. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular materials for home siding available today, so its ease of installation and general accessibility is much wider than most siding options. Vinyl siding installation can save you money initially and in the long run.

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If you don't have much home improvement experience, it may be wiser to go with the experience of a siding contractor, but know that this can up the cost by up to $6 per square foot. For an average sized residential home, you’ll be looking at around $3,500-$6,300.

Wood Siding

Wood siding installation will vary depending on lumber prices in your region, but wood siding is generally more expensive than vinyl or aluminum. If wood siding is what you’re looking for, you’re going to be spending at least $6,000 for a small home sided with pine. A large house can get up to the $25,000-$28,000 range if you side with cedar shakes.

Labor Cost

Labor cost for siding installation will vary the most when you’re searching for estimates. It’s of utmost importance to search for several quotes when you’re price shopping. You may find the work of a small, independent contractor to be more expensive than a contractor from a large home improvement company, but you’ll hopefully be paying for a higher level of customer service and quality. Finding the right contractor may be the most important part of your renovation project, so make sure your siding worker has all the right qualities to ensure your home will look as wonderful as you’d hope it to be.

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