Goodman Furnace Prices: Compare Costs and Quotes

A total guide to Goodman furnace prices for the company's complete line of systems, from low to high-end

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In the world of furnaces, Goodman falls in the middle of the pack. Goodman furnace prices tend to be lower than the elite brands and the systems are relatively reliable, with better warranties than most brands can offer.

The company's furnace line for residential homes includes an extensive mix of gas furnaces and heat pump systems. For information about Goodman's packaged heat pumps, which combine the high efficiency savings of a heat pump with an electric back up heater, see our guide to Goodman heat pump prices.

Goodman doesn't list its furnace prices for the end consumer (you)--most brands do not. Consumers' Goodman furnace prices are a packaged deal paid to contractors: unit cost and installation. Because installation is a factor, costs can fluctuate wildly. You may need new ductwork that can cost several thousand dollars. Or your home may already be outfitted for a new furnace.

We've collected some prices of the units, as well as predicted installation cost, to help you decide which system is right for you. AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, refers to the amount of energy converted into heat. If a system has an AFUE of 75, for example, then 75% of the energy you put in is converted into heat and 25% percent is lost.

The following Goodman furnace prices can fluctuate above and below the amounts listed here depending on your home's location and needs. New ductwork can cost several thousand dollars, and other costs can push the price of installation skyward. For prices specific to your needs and location, click here for four free estimates from contractors in your area.


Goodman Furnace Prices

Goodman GMVM96

Gas Furnaces

Goodman GMVM96 | GCVM96 - 96% AFUE

The GMVM96 is Goodman's high-end gas furnace, with a 96% AFUE and some of the longest warranties of any furnaces on the market.

Goodman GMVC95 | GCV95/5 | GMH95 | GCH95/5 - 95% AFUE

These systems are barely a notch below the premium GMVM96 and GCVM96 systems. With a 95% AFUE, industry leading warranties, and lower Goodman furnace prices than premium systems, these are a strong option that let just one more penny per dollar of energy go to waste than the top Goodman options.

Goodman GKS9 - 92.1% AFUE

The GKS9 is considered among the more efficient heating options around, touting a 92.1% AFUE. As an above average system, the GKS9 does not carry the same extensive warranties as its top-notch brethren. The GKS9 is limited to a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty on parts.

Goodman GMVC8 | GME8 | GMH8 | GDH8 | GMS8 | GHS8 | GDS8 - 80% AFUE

Goodman Furnace Cost

Goodman GMVC8

As Goodman's lower end options, these systems offer the lower end of efficiency in the gas furnace world. Wholesale Goodman furnace prices for these systems reflect that. However, warranties are minimal and with an 80% AFUE, 20 cents of every dollar you spend in gas will go to waste, so be sure to consider long-term savings.

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