Prefabricated underground storm shelters are easier to install and cost less than a concrete bomb shelter.

The next time that a storm passes through your area, you might find yourself thinking about storm shelters. Sometimes referred to as prefabricated underground storm shelters, these small rooms can keep you and your family safe. Many of the structures come already assembled, but you will find some rooms that require a little assembly on your part.


Storm shelters become more popular every time a major storm hits the country. Installers and suppliers of these bunkers saw their sales increase in the months following Hurricane Katrina and then again after Hurricane Sandy. Often made from metal, these rooms come ready for installation in your home.

The front of the room has a locking door that will keep your family safe, and some homeowners even use the shelters as panic rooms.

When choosing tornado shelters, you need to look at the total number of people in your family. The smallest rooms can safely hold up to four people, but you will also find designs that provide enough space for more than 20 people. The basic rooms are just over six feet tall, while the larger rooms can measure nearly seven feet. You should also think about the items that you want to store inside the room. Canned food, bottled water and other emergency supplies can significantly reduce the amount of space available inside.

Safe rooms typically feature steel walls that are several inches thick and can withstand pressure from the high winds of a tornado. Most rooms will also withstand impacts from heavy objects hitting the walls.

Prices for these rooms start at around $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the size you need, but that price is less than you would pay for a concrete bunker built into your home. You can use these underground storm shelters like you would a concrete model.

After purchasing a storm shelter, you need to properly install the room in your house. Most homeowners install shelters in basements or rooms on the first floor. The newest models and designs feature bolt holes that let you affix the room to the walls of your home. When you use anchor bolts, the room will not budge during a storm.

storm shelter

Installing a shelter in your home costs less than most residential renovations and you can use the room in multiple ways. Keep in mind that prefabricated storm shelters are different than bomb shelters, which are usually underground concrete bunkers. Adding a concrete shelter to your home might cost $5,000 or more for a smaller bunker.

Whether you call it a bunker or an underground room, storm shelters are the one thing that can keep you safe during a major storm. With a locking door and storm-proof walls, you will never worry about anyone or anything getting inside.

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