Find out what you need to know about low-noise air conditioners for your home.

Feeling comfortable in the summertime is important for your daily routine as well as a good night's sleep. If you've decided to purchase one of the many types of low-noise air conditioners, then QualitySmith can assist you in your search to find a contractor and services in your hometown.

The first step in finding low-noise air conditioners is to know what a decibel is. Decibels are a measurement of sound. Low-noise air conditioners have a lower decibel number, while louder air conditioners have a higher decibel number.


When shopping for a quiet AC or HVAC system, you should take note of the manufacturer label information on home-cooling equipment. These labels will provide helpful facts, including the number of decibels for each product.

Likewise, you may wish to discuss the specific needs for your home with a specialist to make an informed decision. If so, help is a few keystrokes away with QualitySmith!

When considering home-cooling options, you should also review the types of low-noise air conditioners available. A few types to evaluate include:

    • Central air conditioning with a split-system unit.
    • Central air conditioning with a package unit.
    • Ductless mini-split air conditioners.
    • Room air conditioners: small, medium and large.

You might prefer to speak with an AC or HVAC contractor in your local area who can assist you in determining the best system for your home. In addition, a contractor knows how to install air conditioner weather seals, which will keep your cooling costs down while making your home cool.

Another thought to keep in mind when shopping for air conditioners is the Energy Star label. Products that follow Energy Star guidelines can reduce your energy bills and provide a tax credit.

Air conditioner prices aren't the only thing to consider when shopping for a home-cooling system. If you want a home that's both cool and quiet, it's important to note the decibel information on the manufacturer's label and the type of system you'll need for your home. Most importantly, it's key to shop smart. If you're making a major HVAC or AC purchase, visit QualitySmith

to find a contractor who can provide a reasonable air conditioner estimate and warranty information for low-noise air conditioners in your area.