A summary overview of the products and services available for home security monitoring from Honeywell Security Group and AlarmRelay

Monitoring services are an important component of any home security system. Comparing monitoring products and services available from Honeywell Security Group and AlarmRelay will give you more choices when upgrading or adding a home security system.

Honeywell overview

The central nervous system of any home security platform is its control panel.

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Honeywell offers several models:

  • 6160
  • 6160V
  • 6460
  • LYNX Touch
  • LYNX Plus

The 6160 keypad has large backlit keys that make it easy to use. The system emits audible beeps any time someone enters or exits the home. The 6160V keypad is similar to the 6160 model, but it also has message recording and playback capabilities. Both models have a removable door to conceal the entry keys.

Honeywell home security monitoring systems

security monitoring systemsThe Honeywell 6460 keypad has features that make it easier to see at a distance or in the dark. This model has four function keys that allow the user to control lights, open doors and arm the system quickly.

The LYNX Touch is a touchscreen control panel that has four function keys to control common functions. The system displays prompts to make it easier for users to arm and disarm their systems and perform other common tasks. The LYNX Plus system combines a keypad, control panel, two-way communication system, siren and speakerphone in one.

Honeywell also offers wireless remotes, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, flood sensors, temperature sensors, indoor/outdoor security sensors and home security lighting solutions.

The company does not directly offer 24-hour monitoring services, but its wireless service (Total Connect) afford you personal monitoring options, 24/7.Homeowners can install home security alarm components from Honeywell and contract with another company for monitoring services.

AlarmRelay overview

home security systemFocused on your protection, Alarm Relay Monitoring prides itself on providing 24-hour monitoring and a swift response rate when your alarm is tripped. AlarmRelay security systems include 24-hour monitoring and residential fire protection.

Initial Year the cost for your initial year with AlarmRelay starts at $142.40, which includes a one-time programming fee of $35 and a $107.40 annual charge paid up front.

Second Year; the cost for your second year of service starts at $119.40, which averages $9.95 per month.

Third Year; the cost for your third and subsequent years of service starts at $125.40, which averages $10.45 per month.

AlarmRelay Monitoring does not sell or service home security equipment. It is only a monitoring system. You will need to purchase your own alarm system and be responsible for any installation for that system (though the dealer will likely be able to assist.)

If you are upgrading or adding a home security system and are considering Honeywell Security Group or AlarmRelay products or services, QualitySmith can put you in touch with local home security professionals, today.