Don't wait. Start now on your attic storage additions.

Converting your attic into home storage is not only a great way to utilize the space you already have available, but it will also add immeasurable resale value to your home. Attic storage additions come in all shapes and sizes, and there are several things you have to consider before you decide which type of addition you need.

attic storage

If the roof of your attic has manufactured trusses, usually found in newer homes, your interior storage options may be limited. These roof trusses are vital to the integrity of the roof and your home, so they cannot be cut or removed. If this is the case, you can still create a small storage space in your attic by:

  • Checking the roof for holes and patching up any leaks you find.
  • Making sure the attic has adequate ventilation and adding ventilation where needed.
  • Reinforcing the floor joists.
  • Placing plywood on top of the floor joists to create a surface on which to place boxes and other things you need to store.

You also need to check your city's code requirements before you renovate your attic. Most areas require the roof to be a certain height before an attic can be used as a living space or for storage. If your attic's measurements meet requirements, you can continue with renovations. If the measurements do not meet requirements, your attic may need extensive renovations, which may make the project too expensive to complete.


Consider what kind of staircase you want to add to the attic. Different types of staircases require different amounts of space. You must determine if the attic space is big enough to accommodate the staircase you have in mind. In some cases, the attic may be too small to add any staircase at all, so you may just end up keeping your existing attic ladder or replacing it with a sturdier one of the same size.

Think about exactly what you will be keeping in your new attic storage space. Most unfinished attics are not insulated well. If the items you plan on storing in the attic are delicate and sensitive to temperature and climate changes, you will need to add more insulation to the walls of the attic. However, if the items you plan to store are sturdier and do not require climate control, you may not have to add insulation.

Extra storage space can help you organize your life and also help you sell your house for more money when the time comes. However, there's no need to add onto your house to create more storage space. Attic storage additions allow you to easily increase storage space without altering the exterior of your home. Completely finished attics can also serve as extra living spaces.